SHOCKING: “17 Years in Prison for Non-Violent Family Man” Biden Regime CRACKS DOWN on J6 Political Enemies | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 3 (VIDEO)

The persecution of political enemies cranks up as the Biden Regime pushes a 17 year sentence on Joe Biggs, a non-violent offender who attended January 6th. He is accused of being in the Capitol Building for 20 minutes and briefly shaking a fence. The attack on him is a witch hunt as the federal prosecutors seek to make an example of political dissidents despite the key fact that they were non-violent and there is no proof they committed the crime they were convicted of. 

He is one of several attendees prosecuted for partial life sentences. Plus, over 15 children are rescued from a child trafficking ring after being locked in cages. Please leave your opinions / comments on these stories below as Elijah reads every single one and appreciates your perspective.


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