Report: Biden’s $42B Internet Investment Meant to Expand Access for Underserved Areas Primarily Favors Left-Wing Regions


A report on the dispersal of Joe Biden’s $42.45 billions Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) funding, meant to expand access for underserved and rural areas, shows that the funding is primarily favoring liberal cities and states.

Internet for All shares BEAD’s stated goal of connecting everyone in America to reliable, affordable high-speed internet by the end of the decade.

“High-speed Internet access isn’t a luxury. It’s needed to fully engage in the economy, and it helps ensure public safety and the health of our nation. Unfortunately, too many in America lack access to affordable, reliable high-speed Internet.”

The program was implemented in June as part of the failed “Bidenomics” boondoggle despite the fact that, according to the Federal Communications Commission’s 2021 Broadband report, nearly 90 percent of Americans already had access to fixed terrestrial internet services in 2015.

The report, exclusively obtained by Fox News Digital, reveals that funding was distributed without input and without response to requests from lawmakers and communities across the country on how funding decisions were determined.

Fox News reports:

Every state, along with Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, received a base amount of $100 million, while the remaining territories were granted at least $25 million each. Texas and California, the two most densely populated states in the country, lead the funding rankings with $3.3 billion and $1.9 billion, respectively.

However, the distribution has gone to states with fewer locations lacking service, and the allocation raises eyebrows when considering some peculiar instances of how the fundswere distributed.

In Washington D.C., out of the 184 locations lacking broadband internet, 58 of them are clustered within the Smithsonian National Zoo, which includes popular spots like the Butterfly Garden, Lion-Tiger Hill, and the Otter Pond, the report found.

Another instance of odd distribution was in Delaware, when the state received nearly $108 million from the Biden administration in June to address 2,166 unserved locations in the state.

Another oddity comes in Delaware. The state received almost $108 million for 2,166 locations.  One of the locations just happens to be where the Biden Environmental Training Center is housed, only miles from Rehoboth Beach and Biden’s “Summer White House.”

Fox News notes that, although Washington, D.C., and Delaware, are characterized by small size and high population density, they were allotted over $547,000 and $52,000 respectively for each location without broadband access despite the national median allocation average of $5,600.

Funding by state is available here.


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