Find the Fed: Laura Loomer Identifies Leader of “Goyim Defense League” With Ties to the ADL

Like covid and political witch hunts, the left’s favorite boogeyman of them all, the “Nazis,” are roaring back just in time for election season.

A group of masked, red-clad, “white supremacists” were spotted marching the streets of Florida on Saturday, yelling racial slurs and being as obscene as possible. In other words, the feds were on parade.

Shortly after the disturbing incident, internet sleuths uncovered that one of the “Nazis” who marched in Florida was a Ukrainian soldier who has somehow found his way to the States. Oh, and it just so happens that he is apparently linked to the CIA.

Find the Fed: Here’s Hoping Someone Can Identify the Tattooed “Nazis” at Gathering in Florida …UPDATE: One Nazi Identified – Says He Was Backed by CIA

According to Laura Loomer:

Kent ” Boneface” McLellan was arrested by the FBI in Florida for domestic terrorism in May of 2012. The FBI said he and others were “preparing a terrorist act against national minorities in Florida.”

He then fled to Ukraine to join Right Sector (a creation of the CIA) in 2014. In 2022, he returned to Ukraine and was reportedly deported. Now he’s back in Florida where he’s active in the local Nazi scene. Yesterday he was on I-4 with a group of Nazis who were saying they support Joe Biden while they were waving swastika flags and shouting slurs at me because I am Jewish.

There is no way you get away with all of that after being arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism, and there’s no way you get away with traveling to Ukraine to fight in a foreign war as an American Citizen defected mercenary unless you are some type of FBI or CIA informant.

On Sunday, Loomer scooped another one of these spooks, identifying John Minadeo as the leader of the GDL (Goyim Defense League), and, as it turns out, he is also apparently tied to another shady, powerful 3-letter group, the Anti-defamation League (ADL).

The pro-Jewish organization even has an entire page in their “glossary of extremism” devoted to Minadeo’s “Nazi” circus act, using it as a prime example of white supremacy being “on the rise.” Conveniently for the ADL, and the agenda they are pushing, Minadeo has no shortage of funding to “travel all over the country and the world,” according to Loomer, performing for his handlers and re-enforcing the narrative that Nazis are hiding under every rock.

Who is paying his bills?

Loomer wonders the same question:

“Who is paying this failed rapper to live a life as a Nazi? He was given money to fly to Poland and he was arrested for waving Nazi symbols at Auschwitz. He travels all over the country and the world doing these things. Who pays him? Coincidentally, the @ADL has an entire page on their website about Minadeo. Are they funding him?”

Obviously, Minadeo is a scumbag, and likely a schill for his FED/ADL handlers, but it doesn’t stop there, he seems to be a child predator as well.

Loomer also uncovered a video of Minadeo using the online video chat service Omegle to recruit minors to his “GDL” movement. In it, he attempts to convince an underage girl to get a swastika tattoo, lifting his shirt to show his.

Another clip shows him speaking with a boy whom he calls “so cute” and “gorgeous.”

As Loomer puts it, “This is predatory behavior”:

The current banana republic regime will stop at nothing to divide, distract, and deceive the American people they are defrauding and committing treason against. As usual, “Nazis” are an effective tactic for all 3.


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