Razor Company Features Trans Individual with Double Mastectomy Scars as a “Model”

Credit: @BillboardChris

A prominent razor company has been caught featuring a trans “model” with double mastectomy scars. Unsurprisingly, this has drawn the ire of conservatives on social media.

Fox News reported Friday that the image was discovered amongst promotional images on on the website Braun, a German consumer products company which sells electric shavers and razors.

At first glance, the image appears to show a male model shaving. Closer examination, however, reveals a biological woman who mutilated herself by having a double mastectomy. The scars can be seen on her breasts.

Fox News notes that the specific product used in the ad was the Braun Series X Hybrid Trimmer.

A Proctor and Gamble spokesperson had the audacity to boast to Fox News that the disgusting image represented “real Braun” customers.

This is one of hundreds of images on our site showing people using our products—all of which are reflective of the consumers we serve.

Conservatives were aghast at the vile image and called for Braun to receive the Bud Light treatment.


Maya Forstater, the executive director of activist group Sex Matters, lashed out at Braun in a statement to The Telegraph. She predicted this move would become “one of the most notorious medical scandals.”

Braun executives must have been living under a rock if they think that this campaign represents ‘inclusivity.’ The reality is that Braun has now written itself into history as promoting social contagion and what will become one of the most notorious medical scandals.


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