Proud Boys Leader Ethan Nordean Speaks Out to The Gateway Pundit in First Interview Since His 18 Year Prison Sentence for Attending J6 – Says He Had NO IDEA FBI Had Infiltrated Numerous Proud Boys Groups (AUDIO)

Hours before jurors deliberated a verdict convicting the Proud Boys of seditious conspiracy, J6 political prisoner Ethan Nordean detailed to Gateway Pundit reporter Alicia Powe how the US government conspired to incriminate the pro-Trump group months leading up to January 6.

“Generally speaking, we had a large number of undercover individuals — I am not going to get into too many details because I really don’t know what I’m allowed to say … but what’s public and what’s been spoken about in trial, we had multiple, multiple human sources from different agencies, local Metropolitan, FBI, and who knows what else and it’s pretty disturbing,” Nordean told the Gateway Pundit in a call using a tablet from his solitary confinement cell.

“It’s pretty disturbing hearing a lot of the things that occurred and the length to which the FBI has gone to lie, to manipulate.”

The government falsely contended Nordean, along with four other members of the Proud Boys tried on the seditious conspiracy trial, — Army veteran Zachary Rehl and Marine Corp. veteran Dominic Pezzola, the group’s national leader Enrique Tarrio, a former GOP congressional candidate, and decorated Staff Sgt. Joseph Biggs — began orchestrating a 9/11-like terror attack months prior to January 6 in an attempt to violently overthrow the government.

Ethan was found guilty of the outrageous charges by a tainted jury in a DC kangaroo court without evidence.

Ethan was later sentenced to 18 years in prison for attending a rally, using a bullhorn that day, and walking through the US Capitol.

There was no planned takeover of the US Capitol. There was no evidence brought forth in the trial to prove this government conspiracy.

** Please donate to Ethan Nordean’s GiveSendGo to help him win an appeal and return home to his wife and daughter. 

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft recently interviewed Ethan Nordean following his outrageous sentencing by ungodly DC Judge Tim Kelly.

Ethan Nordean told us about his day on January 6. There was no plan to take over the government.

Ethan Nordean: We were all kind of feeling some type of way after Enrique got arrested. And so our focus as leaders was really just to kind of create a controlled environment for the guys, the boys who had flown from all over the country to be in January 6. We knew that the government and local DC police were pretty much going to look for any excuse at all to arrest us. That was the general consensus at the time. So in all honesty, the focus really wasn’t very much on the protest or the rally in January 6. And President it was kind of secondary, honestly, in my mind.

Our whole thing was just to create a simple march from point A to point B away from big crowds again, to create that kind of controlled environment so that we didn’t have to worry about something wrong happening and people blaming it on us.

The Proud Boys group went back to the US Capitol after President Trump’s speech.

Ethan Nordean: I just really wanted to put on a safe event, get the guys off the streets. I just didn’t like the vibe that was going on at the moment. And so after we took a picture at the Capitol, we did that, hung out, did what we call hearts and minds just kind of meet people, let them know who we are, the Proud Boys, because obviously, there’s narrative out there that we’re these far right extremists and we’re not right. And then as we left the Capitol, we stopped some food trucks, got some food, and we were intending on heading back to our hotels and stuff after that. And then that’s when the whole thing with Trump kind of telling everybody to go to the Capitol, we went back to the Capitol and the rest.

Did the Proud Boys know the FBI infiltrated their groups around the country and planted evidence?

Jim Hoft: Let me ask you this, Ethan. Did you guys know that the Feds, the government had planted several operatives inside your groups? We know this from several of the trials that came out. There were numerous, it appears to be, FBI operatives inside the Proud Boys. Did you guys know that?

Ethan Nordean: We did not know that at the time. Now, we definitely know that, but at the time, we were unaware.

Ethan spoke about the government and media smears.

Jim Hoft: And let me ask you this, too, because they treated you as if you were some rogue, like Bill Ayers and the group he was in that was bombing places. That’s how they treated you. And yet the Proud Boys doesn’t have a record of any of that. I mean, you guys have been in Scuffles, but as far as I understood what we covered at Gateway Pundit, it was always because something was instigated, and you guys were there to protect conservatives and Trump supporters who were being attacked. Is that right?

Ethan Nordean: Yes. That’s absolutely correct. Anybody who knows us, who spend any time with us, knows that’s how we’ve gotten our name and our reputation, just by showing up and defending ourselves and others right to free speech. And you’re exactly right. We don’t have a record of we’ve never just gone off and beaten somebody up because of their political views. We’re not into political violence. We’re into self defense at the sense of others. And unfortunately, that’s just the environment know wagulated with Trump coming into office, it just created this environment where people wanted to snuff that out, and one side was treated completely different than the other. And so that’s kind of what birthed the Proud Boys.

Ethan never heard about the FBI document planted in the Proud Boys chat group that was written by an informant and used in court against the Proud Boys leaders.

Jim Hoft: So as the trial began and we reported this at Gateway Pundit, there was this one document that – they described how happy they were that they found this document in a Proud Boys chat group, and it was called that 1776 Returns document. Had you heard of that? Were you guys aware of that? Had you guys ever discussed that? Do you know anybody who opened that document that was put in the Chat group for the Proud Boys?

Ethan Nordean: No. The first time I heard about it was after I was indicted. I was in jail, I think over a year before I even heard of its existence. And, I mean, it’s laughable when you look through the document. It’s laughable at best. Even if somebody did initiate that plan, the most extreme part of it was labeled a sit in, a peaceful sit in, which during the Civil Rights movement, they praised the glory of the sit in… This idea that you can excrete this extreme plan of violence and terrorism from a document that is encouraging sit ins is, again a ginormous stretch.

On the Proud Boys plans that day.

Ethan Nordean: After Enrique was arrested, I was put in charge of the march and the events of that day. And like I said earlier, my main focus was just keep people safe, keep people contained and controlled. Obviously, if we ran into Antifa, that’d be one thing. I was kind of relieved to not run into Antifa that day just because the environment that I felt surrounded us was very malicious as far as the local government… A lot of people don’t know that on January 5, I was contemplating calling the whole thing off. I met up with Michael Graves, the musician from the band The Misfits, and coordinated an event that was supposed to happen around 03:00 p.m.. Or 04:00 p.m.. On January 6 for him to play live music at our AirBNB like a barbecue, just to keep people off the streets.

And he testified to that. That was the whole thing. So that was the actual plan for January 6, just to a simple march, check the area for antifa, make sure people were safe, leave, go, have fun.

Jim Hoft: Again, that was your plan, and you have people who can confirm that that was your plan. And it wasn’t the made-up conspiracy the government was promoting?

Ethan Nordean: exactly. Michael Graves is a prominent individual. He has a lot to risk by going and testifying on our behalf. Nothing to really gain from it. So for him to do that on our behalf, I feel like that holds a lot more weight than a baseless accusation from the government.

Please listen to the entire interview.

** And please donate to Ethan Nordean’s GiveSendGo to help him win an appeal and return home to his wife and daughter. 

Ethan has a long and difficult road ahead.

Ethan Nordean did nothing wrong.

It is clear the Proud Boys were set up months before January 6 by their government. They committed no violence on January 6. They had no plans to take over the US Capitol. This was all just another government lie. Today four top Proud Boys members will serve over a decade in prison for the lies of the DOJ, the DC courts, and their mindless media puppets.

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