Patriots Are Boycotting And Moving Spending Away From Woke Corporations — Here Is One Easy Way To Do It

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Woke corporations are becoming bolder.

Target and Bud Light’s woke campaigns came after credit card processors, online stores, retail stores and so many others have CANCELLED true American God-fearing patriots.

It has become clear that we patriots need to go our own way.

But how?

So many brands we buy in grocery stores are just fronts for woke corporations – check out this amazing graphic:

Fortunately, there is a company that isn’t woke — and it provides many products you can use to replace woke brands in one fell swoop.

This company is:

— a family-owned manufacturer

— provides non-toxic products for every area of your home

— supports American jobs and families

— is committed to making their products in the USA

Not only that, but they’ve been doing it for over 35 years!

In fact, reports are that their founder was once on Barack Obama’s “Most Dangerous Conservatives” list.

So….why haven’t you heard of them?

Because they do ZERO mainstream advertising.

They stay off the radar and find new customers through personal invitations only.

If you’d like to find out more and get a FREE personal invite, go to the “Patriot Switch” website by clicking here!

We can’t promise you’ll get a call immediately, but you will be in the queue!

Instead of sending your money to Jeff Bezos and Costco and Walmart, you can shop at a pro-America, freedom-loving, American designer, manufacturer and shipper of all the stuff you buy each month!

Oh, and some people say the products are BETTER and often CHEAPER!

Here’s what some say:

“We love the store and shop there monthly for all our household needs! We especially love their nutritional products. My wife and I are in our 50’s and have never felt healthier and full of energy! – Eddie

“So far there are only a few items out of over 400 I can’t use. This is a miracle. Customer Service is outstanding. Like the way things used to be in America. I look forward to shopping & can’t even wait the full month.” – Missy

“I’m highly allergic to synthetic fragrance so buying “clean” products has always been nerve racking for me because you just never know how honest a company is with their ingredients. I can attest that this company is exactly who they say they are! About as clean and honest as it gets!” – Megg

For your FREE personal invite, go to the “Patriot Switch” website by clicking here!

Since everyone gets personal attention, they will take these in the order in which they come in. So if you are excited, ask for your invite now or you might be far down on the list. They have a great team, but they can only do so much and they’ll work on a first-come, first-served basis.

Remember: you will get a personal call, text or email.

Request a free Invite here!

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