Parents Appalled After Biological Male Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School

The war on girls continues unabated.

A biological male was crowned homecoming queen at Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri on Friday.

Tristan Young took the crown away from four biological females who were in the running.

“thank you so much oak park. i am so overwhelmed with love and gratitude, and it is all your doing. i am forever thankful that you have chosen me to be your homecoming queen,” Tristan wrote on Instagram.

“i have had a very difficult high school journey, but having the support of my friends, family and oak park has helped tremendously, i truly don’t know where i would be without it.”

Libs of TikTok’s Chaya Raichik said she spoke with a parent in the school district who said she was “appalled” by NKC Schools:

We spoke with a parent in the district who asked to remain anonymous and she was disgusted by the district’s actions. She told us, “I’m appalled by NKC Schools’ continued support of the LGBT agenda. NKC Schools says they are “Champions for All Students” yet by embracing radical political statements like this they not only indoctrinate children, but they are placing certain student populations over others. Having two homecoming “queens” that are boys is a disgrace to the NKC Schools community. I hope more parents, community members and district employees start speaking out and start protecting children.”

This isn’t the first time a boy pretending to be a girl won homecoming queen at Oak Park High School.

In 2015, a male was crowned homecoming queen at Oak Park HS.

KMBC reported:

The homecoming queen at Oak Park High School is making big news for breaking barriers.

Landon Patterson is the first transgender homecoming queen in the school district.

Patterson, a cheerleader at Oak Park, was crowded Saturday night.

“I was up there with all the other girls, so I felt like a normal girl. They think I represent Oak Park, and that meant the world to me,” Patterson said.

“He’s a cute boy, but a beautiful girl,” said Patterson’s mother, Debbie Hall.

Hall said Patterson transitioned this year.

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