OUCH! Rep Lisa McClain Delivers Best Line of the Day To Deranged Democrats and Then She Brought The Goods on The Biden Crime Family…[VIDEO]

On Wednesday, Republican House Ways and Means Committee members released over 700 pages of IRS whistleblower documents providing more than enough evidence for Republicans to prove the Biden family is an organized criminal operation.

Yesterday, the Democrat clowns on the US House Oversight Committee completely humiliated themselves as they attempted to sweep the Biden Crime Family’s international influence-peddling operation under the rug by repeatedly citing President Trump’s name, who had nothing to do with the inquiry.

During her 5 minutes of questioning, Rep. Lisa McClain (MI), a Republican US House Oversight Committee member, showed exactly why she is among the most badass women in Washington, D.C.

McClain began by asking Professor Gerhard, one of the leftist witnesses, a question, “I love the analogy that you used about the speeding ticket with Hunter Biden. Let me also see if he would agree with his analogy; if a criminal pulls the trigger for a murder, he’s guilty, right? And we can prove it. But don’t you also agree with me if somebody ordered that hit, we would charge him, too? It’s interesting that you don’t use that analogy—that’s number one,” McClain exclaimed.

After being forced to sit and listen to the lunacy of her Democrat colleagues on the other side of the aisle for hours, as they performed backflips in their efforts to defend the Biden Crime Family, Rep. McClain turned to the collection of deranged Dems and delivered the best line of the day:

“I am amazed, and I love the fact that Trump lives rent-free in the Democrat’s heads every day. That is a beautiful thing—even though we’re here talking about the impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden!”


And then—Rep. McClain brought the fire—as she broke down the evidence their committee collected on Joe and Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings with a “corrupt Romanian oligarch” while Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president.

The fiery US Rep explained, “I want to talk about the damning evidence of Joe Biden‘s role in his family‘s business schemes in Romania. While Joe Biden was vice president, he was directly involved in the United States policy and anticorruption efforts in Romania. That’s a fact!”

McClain continued, “On May 21, 2014, the then-Vice President Biden delivered an anticorruption speech in Romania. Right? On September 28, 2015, the  Romanian president visited with then-Vice President Biden at the White House to discuss anticorruption efforts.” She explained, “Gabriel Popoviciu, a corrupt Romanian oligarch in the subject of a criminal probe—he’s the subject of a criminal probe and prosecution for corruption and bribery in Romania. This committee has reviewed transactions showing that the Biden family received money from a foreign company run by this Russian oligarch corrupt Gabriel Popoviciu.”

“Five weeks after the Romanian president visited with by Vice President Biden, Popoviciu begins paying Hunter Biden and his associates Rob Walker through his company, Bladon Enterprises. The money from Bladen Enterprises is deposited directly into Robinson Walker LLC. Now, this LLC is directly operated by Hunter‘s known business partner, Rob Walker. ” Rep McClain explained that she is only relaying facts that the committee has discovered in their investigation into the Biden Crime Family. “In November 2015, and again in March. 2016, Hunter Biden, who is not registered as a foreign agent under FARA, meets with the US ambassador to Romania. Red flag!” McClain states. “Then coincidentally over $1 million flows to the Bidens,” McClain said, adding, ” I’m not much for coincidences; I don’t think the American people are either.”

“Let’s run through the numbers together,” McClain told the committee members. “Between November 2015 and May 2017, Bladon Enterprises deposited over $3 million into Robinson Walker’s LLC business account. But then, the Biden family accounts received more than $1 million from Robinson Walker’s accounts after these deposits were made. Ironically, 16 of those 17 payments occurred while Joe Biden was vice president. Now, I think most Americans would find it suspicious that, ironically, these payments ended shortly after Joe Biden left office. Another coincidence.”

After Attorney Johnathan Turley explained to Rep. McClain that Hunter’s FARA violations were very similar to the same thing Trump associate Paul Manafort was charged with and placed in solitary confinement as a result of his charges, while Hunter Biden was never even charged, McClain smirked and reminded Americans who were watching the impeachment inquiry of our “two-tiered system of justice” under Joe Biden.

Watch here:

It’s curious that so many Democrats are willing to pretend that then-Vice President Joe Biden is innocent of any crimes for selling out America to hostile foreign nations. It’s also interesting to note that so far, neither party has even mentioned the possibility that Barack Obama, whom Joe worked side-by-side with on a regular basis, was aware of his second-in-command’s criminal activities.


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