O’Hare Airport Migrant Shelter is Overcrowded, Unsanitary

The Gateway Pundit reported on the deteriorating conditions at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. Employees shared concerns as the location has devolved into a dangerous, and filthy, homeless encampment.

Welcome to a Democrat controlled city.

Exacerbating the third world conditions is the inclusion of the airport as a makeshift illegal shelter on the ground floor of a building opposite the Hilton Hotel and hidden behind a large black curtain.

While the beginning of August saw around 411 illegals staying at the airport, by the end of the month that number has risen to approximately 2,089.

The conditions at O’Hare are overcrowded and unsanitary as the number of migrants rises and their length of stay lengthens.

According to The Chicago Sun Times, “Among the complaints in the airport shelter: poor quality food like instant ramen; lack of access to health care, showers and laundry; inadequate bedding; and no support for placing children in schools.”

The Sun Times reports:

The airport is a temporary stop, and it has experienced sharp increases in the number of people staying there. Length of stays is also rising, with families sometimes spending two weeks at the airport amid poor conditions.

“O’Hare is just a holding place for the incoming flights, technically,” said Vianney Marzullo, a lead volunteer with the Police Station Response Team advocacy group.

As stay become longer at O’Hare, Marzullo warns of a “big public safety issue” that has police station volunteers wondering how they can provide services at the airport, or at least provide donations of bedding for those sleeping on cardboard using airplane blankets. Having people stay longer than three days is a public health issue, she said.

Chicago citizens are rightly worried about where the migrants will go after O’Hare and communities around the city are increasingly voicing concerns about the catastrophic results of Joe Biden’s broken border policy.

The city has already spent over $100M to care for illegals yet they are so overwhelmed migrants are being housed in police stations.

The Gateway Pundit reported on the tensions spilling over at recent community forum on Chicago’s South Side focused on a soon-to-be-reestablished migrant shelter at The Lake Shore Hotel in the Hyde Park area of the city.

Community members are concerned about the noise, cleanliness and drug use that they say was prevalent when it served as a shelter.

At the contentious meeting, one resident proclaimed, “I don’t want them there. Take them someplace else or send them back to Venezuela. I don’t care where they go.”


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