New Survey: Fired Up Young Men are Trending Conservative

Since 1975, Monitoring the Future has conducted an ongoing study of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of Americans from adolescence through adulthood.

Their recent survey shows young men are trending conservative.

In 2022, the study found that 23% of 12th grade boys identified as conservative with only 13% describing themselves as liberal.

Source: Monitoring the Future survey, University of Michigan

Over the decades, the study shows that, while conservative identification in young men trended upwards in the 80s and early 90s, it steadily declined until recent years when the shift to the right was noted.

Young women, however, are trending more to the left with with 30% identifying as liberal in 2022, compared to 12% conservative.

Source: Monitoring the Future survey, University of Michigan


The New York Post shared that young men are not just trending conservative, they are fired up:

‘They call me racist. I’m black and Puerto Rican’: Elias Cunningham, 15

Around the 2016 elections, Cunningham, then age 8, took an interest in politics, originally leaning left. But, in 2021, he started doing more research and veering right. The Cornwall, NY, native also chafed at how prominent the promotions for gay pride seemed to be in his community.

“I have respect for everyone,” said Cunningham, a devout Christian. “I just don’t think sexuality should be pushed down children’s throats.”

When he started at Washingtonville Senior High School in 2022, he was also upset by a student-teacher who would scold pupils for getting their pronouns incorrect.

Now a high school sophomore, he said that classmates have harassed him in the halls and on social media for some of his viewpoints — such as an Instagram post saying men shouldn’t be playing women’s sports. They’ve called him a “transphobe” and a “racist.”

Daniel Idfresne wrote an article in the Free Press before his senior year entitled,  “I’m 17. And I’m immunized from woke politics.”

Idfresne writes, “I’m a first generation, 17-year-old Black American who grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant, the Brooklyn neighborhood made famous by Jay-Z.”

“Given that brief biography, perhaps you’d assume that I’m a Black Lives Matter slogan-chanting, capitalism-chastising teen activist. Or that I’m an at-risk youth, destined for dropping out or incarceration.”

“You’d be wrong on both counts.”

“I’m a religious Christian and political conservative with an after-school job as a dishwasher at Panera: three things that, if we’re to believe the statistics about Gen Z, make me an outlier.”

Idfresne shares he was shunned for daring to speak his mind but has found that it is much easier in college telling The Post, “If you find a group of friends who work on themselves, they go to the gym, they’re decently charismatic … chances are they’re probably conservative — if they’re a young guy. There are way more young men who are right-wing than even the polls show.”


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