Maria Bartiromo Comments on Heated Interview With Matt Gaetz: “You Made Excellent Points, My Thinking is Evolving” (Video)

Fox host Maria Bartiromo commented Monday on her heated interview with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Sunday over GOP infighting on the budget and Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), saying to Gaetz online, “You made excellent points. My thinking is evolving”

Host Maria Bartiromo interviews Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures on September 24, 2023, screen image.

Bartiromo also addressed the controversial interview in remarks on her Fox Business show Mornings With Maria, saying she was rethinking her opposition to Gaetz’s willingness to risk a partial government shutdown in order to rein in government spending.

Gaetz posted a video clip with his comments, “When confronted with our argument on government spending, most smart and open-minded people will convert. Welcome aboard, @MariaBartiromo. Thank you for having me on your program. Tough questions and direct answers will lead us to the truth faster than sophistry. The Plan: • Single Subject Spending Bills • No CR • Hold the line”

Bartiromo responded online to Gaetz, saying, “You made excellent points. My thinking is evolving. I need to own it. I’m ok w that. I’m glad you came on.”

Earlier Monday Bartiromo also responded to critical comments from Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC), saying, “You are right. @RepMattGaetz made a very good argument. And my thinking is evolving. I was happy to have him on.”

For those who missed it, the Bartiromo-Gaetz interview:

Bartiromo posted the same comment in response to Gaetz, “You made excellent points. My thinking is evolving. I need to own it. I’m ok w that. I’m glad you came on.”

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