Major Flooding In New York Overwhelms Streets and Subways – Travelers Wading Through LaGuardia Airport (VIDEO)

Intense rain overwhelmed New York City on Friday causing flooding through the streets. The flood waters were going through schools, subways, basements, and vehicles. The water rose very rapidly while commuters were stuck in rush hour on Friday morning.

CNN Reported:

(CNN)-Record-setting rain overwhelmed New York City’s sewer system Friday, sending a surge of floodwater coursing through streets and into basements, schools, subways and vehicles throughout the nation’s most populous city.

The water rose fast and furious, catching some commuters off guard as they slogged through Friday morning’s rush hour. First responders jumped into action where needed, plucking people from stranded cars and basements that filled like bathtubs.

More rain fell in a single day at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport – nearly 8 inches – than any other since 1948. A month’s worth of rain fell in Brooklyn in just three hours as it was socked by some of the storm’s most intense rainfall rates Friday morning.

The prolific totals are a symptom of climate change, scientists say, with a warmer atmosphere acting like a massive sponge, able to sop up more water vapor and then wring it out in intense spurts which can easily overwhelm outdated flood protections.

“Overall, as we know, this changing weather pattern is the result of climate change,” Rohit Aggarwala, New York City’s Chief Climate Officer said in a Friday morning news conference. “And the sad reality is our climate is changing faster than our infrastructure can respond.”

A widespread 3 to 6 inches of rain had fallen across the New York City by late Friday afternoon. More rain will fall through the evening, though it will gradually taper off.


Governor Kathy Hochul declared a state of emergency. This included New York City, Long Island, and Hudson Valley. Firefighters had to rescue some people from basements who were trapped from flooding.

About 150 schools were affected by the floods. Subways and railways were also flooded which prevented some of the trains from running. There were also flight delays with all three of New York City’s airports and flooding at LaGuardia Airport’s Marine Terminal.

Flash flood warnings are still in effect along with travel advisories.

LaGuardia’s Airport Terminal A shut down due to flooding.

Travelers waded through LaGuardia. Some travelers walked through the flooded terminal barefoot.



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