Losing the World’s Support, Zelensky Urges Ukrainians to Focus on the War, as He Mobilizes the Old, the Infirm, the Crippled and Even WOMEN for Combat, Warns of a Long Conflict Ahead

The end of the summer brings a reality shock to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his Nazi-friendly regime.

After long months of overhyping the counteroffensive, the reality of gargantuan human losses – estimated in as much as 77k in a mere three months – is setting in.

Kiev is having to deal with the widespread loss of enthusiasm by their allies, and a newfound indifference by the ever-growing number of neutral countries – symbolized by the lack of invitation for Ukraine to participate in the G20 Summit in New Delhi, as well as the balanced wording of the leaders declaration that did not criticize Russia as they would have wanted.

Now, all that is left is undergo a MASS mobilization of whatever population is still in the country, since hundreds of thousands of military-aged men has fled the conflict zone.

So Kiev is mobilizing the old and the infirm, the crippled, and now – women. Yes, you read it right. All ‘medical women’ will be eligible to conscription in the military forces.

With all that, Zelensky is getting more strident in waging a PR offensive inside the country to try to focus the population’s energy on the war effort, 18 months into the conflict, showing that they are gearing up for a long campaign.

Zelensky is also pledging to intensify a crackdown on corruption, part of Ukraine’s bid to join the European Union. This campaign prompted the dismissal of Ukraine’s defense minister, and has also seen the detention, on fraud charges, of an oligarch who was once Zelensky’s mentor.

Reuters reported:

“‘Although today is the 565th day of this war, each and every one must be focused on the defense of the state, as in the early days’, Zelensky said in his nightly video message.

‘Russia does not hope to win. The enemy hopes only that we will not withstand it all. Ukraine must stand firm. Everything that strengthens us is a priority, the sole priority. There can be no weakening. We will allow no one to weaken Ukraine’.”

The regime is also alerting the population that ‘starting from the New Year, the country will have to switch to a wartime budget’ where there will be no more money for anything other than weapons and defense needs.

“In an interview with the Economist published at the weekend, Zelensky said there could be no illusion that victory would come ‘tomorrow or the day after tomorrow’.

But nor was it a dream, he said. War will continue for ‘as long as Russia remains on Ukrainian territory’ and Ukraine rejected ‘frozen conflicts’ long in place in other post-Soviet trouble spots, he said.”

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