LOL! Mega-Wealthy GOP Anti-Trump PAC Admits to Donors Over $6 Million in Ads Against Trump Aren’t Working—Here’s What They Don’t Understand [VIDEO]

It took spending over $6 million on more than 40 anti-Trump ads for the anti-Trump “Win it Back” PAC to discover that their efforts were in vain.

In one example of the many ads running in the two key primary states of Iowa and S. Carolina by the Win it Back PAC, an elderly gentleman can be seen talking about how Trump can’t win because he lost the [stolen] election in 2020 to Joe Biden, who campaigned almost exclusively from his basement. He also mentions how in the crooked state of Pennsylvania, the recent stroke victim John Fetterman was able to pull off a miraculous victory against the Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz in the 2022 Senate race.

The Win it Back PAC, which relies on Republicans who don’t align with President Trump for donations, shared the results of their failed scheme to harm President Trump in key primary states by running attack ads on TV against him.

According to the New York Times, the political action committee, called Win It Back, has close ties to the influential fiscally conservative group Club for Growth. It has already spent more than $4 million trying to lower Mr. Trump’s support among Republican voters in Iowa and nearly $2 million more trying to damage him in South Carolina.

For the polling underpinning its analysis, Win It Back used WPA Intelligence — a firm that also works for the super PAC supporting Mr. Trump’s chief rival in the race for the presidential nomination, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Examples of “failed” ads cited in the memo included attacks on Mr. Trump’s “handling of the pandemic, promotion of vaccines, praise of Dr. Fauci, insane government spending, failure to build the wall, recent attacks on pro-life legislation, refusal to fight woke issues, openness to gun control, and many others.” (Dr. Anthony S. Fauci led the national response to the Covid pandemic.)

The list of failed attacks is notable because it includes many of the arguments that Mr. DeSantis has tried against Mr. Trump. The former president leads Mr. DeSantis by more than 40 points in national polls and by around 30 points in Iowa, where Mr. DeSantis’s team believes he has the best shot of defeating Mr. Trump.

Mr. McIntosh, a former Indiana congressman who co-founded the Club for Growth and the Federalist Society, makes it clear in the memo that any anti-Trump messages need to be delivered with kid gloves. That might explain why Mr. DeSantis’s super PAC, Never Back Down, has treated Mr. Trump gingerly, even in ads.

Here are a few key findings from their messaging against Trump in their ads:

All attempts to undermine his conservative credentials on specific issues were ineffective, regardless of the setting (live surveys, online surveys, focus groups, controlled experiments). Even when you show video to Republican primary voters – with complete context – of President Trump saying something otherwise objectionable to primary voters, they find a way to rationalize and dismiss it. 

-Broadly acceptable messages against President Trump with Republican primary voters that do not produce a meaningful backlash include sharing concerns about his ability to beat President Biden, expressions of Trump fatigue due to the distractions he creates and the polarization of the country, as well as his pattern of attacking conservative leaders for self-interested reasons.

The anti-Trump PAC shares the types of ads they used to attack Trump and explains how they failed:

Every traditional post-production ad attacking President Trump either backfired or produced no impact on his ballot support and favorability (see Appendix A for examples). This includes advertisements that primarily feature video of him saying liberal or stupid comments from his own mouth.

-The best performing ads include non-scripted Republicans sharing reservations in their own words that touch on the themes and broadly acceptable messaging mentioned above. Notably, when the same testimonial-type of ad provides commentary on a specific issue in President Trump’s record, they are largely ineffective.

Because they are so disconnected from middle America, especially when it comes to understanding the “forgotten man,” the anti-Trump PAC will continue to throw away millions in their vain attempts to convince Americans he doesn’t deserve a second term.

What the “Win it Back” PAC fails to recognize is that America loves Trump, and no amount of money spent by wealthy anti-Trump Republicans or Democrats will change their hearts or minds.

For the first time since Ronald Reagan occupied the White House, President Trump gave Americans a renewed sense of pride in their country. Now that they have a chance to have four more years with a President who kept his promises and put America first and then had the election stolen from him in 2020, the Win it Back PAC shouldn’t be too surprised that Trump’s supporters have only become more emboldened.

President Trump gave Americans a taste of what it feels like to have a leader in the White House who put America first. He made us all proud to be Americans again. He rebuilt our military and made the defense of America a priority. He respected our troops, and our military members loved him.

U.S. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump greet military personnel at the dining facility during an unannounced visit to Al Asad Air Base, Iraq, December 26, 2018. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Military members knew President Trump supported them, unlike the Biden regime, who left our troops to die in his failed withdrawal from Afghanistan that humiliated our nation.

He fought back against the evil permeating America and against the radical ideology of organized groups like Antifa and BLM, which grew like a cancer while the Obamas occupied the White House.

One only needs to look at the incredible crowds at his rallies to understand the incredible popularity of Donald J. Trump.

Photo via @PapiTrumpo

After years of being beaten down by radical anti-American educators and talking heads in the Democrat Party’s mainstream media, Americans welcomed a successful businessman and non-politician with a clear vision for making America Great Again.

A large part of his appeal lies in President Trump’s ability to recognize the potential in every American, including the factory worker, the law enforcement officers and first responders, the coal miner, the farmer, and the middle-class Americans struggling to make ends meet in a country where they’re mocked and ridiculed by the liberal elitists.

Americans welcomed his approach to fighting for American jobs and American manufacturing after eight long years of watching Michelle and Barack Obama push their beliefs that America is not great, but instead, is an evil oppressor that deserves to be taken down a few notches.

President Trump proved his commitment to helping all Americans when he fought to pass the “First Step Act,” which significantly benefitted minorities who face lengthy prison sentences for non-violent crimes, to gain early release from prison.

President Trump with Alice Johnson, who worked with him to promote the significance of the First Step Act after he commuted her sentence.

Barack Obama focused, instead, on working with cop-hating race-agitator individuals like Al Sharpton and violent groups like BLM, who both made regular visits to the White House.

It should come as no surprise that Americans of all races, ethnicities, and political persuasions fell in love with President Trump and his vision for giving all Americans a hand up, as they unashamedly supported him.

Riots and unprecedented violence from leftist groups marked President Trump’s inauguration.

The media refused to report the truth about the violence, calling them “mostly peaceful” protests.

Mainstream media and Democrat Party cable news gushed over the departure of arguably the most anti-American first family ever to occupy the White House as Michelle and Barack Obama exited from the Swamp.

America is frightened by what it’s witnessing. 

America’s open borders policy began with Barack Obama. But in 2016, President Trump followed through on his promise to end the reckless Obama-era policies. Despite objections from Democrat lawmakers, he built miles of border wall. He reinforced the previously ineffective border walls, effectively shutting down our borders for the four years he was in office. Then, in 2020, with the blessing of the Democrat Party, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris reopened our southern border, allowing a steady stream of tens of millions of unchecked foreign invaders to enter our country—and Americans know that unless President Trump wins in 2024, there won’t be any end in sight of this dangerous threat to our nation’s security.

Drag kids are grooming our children in plain sight, and parents are embracing the loss of their children’s innocence.

(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Men posing as women are defeating women athletes in sports at high school and college competitions.

We’re watching our beloved country slip away.

American voters know what they saw while President Trump was in office, and no amount of trash talk from Democrats, the mainstream Democrat Party media, or RINO PACs will change their minds.

When the Swamp fears a leader who has the ability to dismantle their operations, there is nothing they won’t do to stop him, including falsely charging him with crimes he never committed, dragging his family through the mud, mocking and arresting his supporters, throwing them in prison, raiding their homes, falsely charging them with crimes, all while spending millions to convince them with millions of dollars in TV ads they are wrong to believe Donald J. Trump is the only presidential candidate who has what it takes to fix a broken nation.


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