Lawsuit Accuses City of Flooding Christian Camp


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Retaliating for resisting COVID-era revival event where participants were unmasked

A lawsuit has been filed in Illinois charging that officials in the city of Des Plaines are trying to ruin a church campground, directing floodwaters toward its 100-plus-year-old buildings and then demanding they be demolished, at least partly camp officials resisted the city’s COVID-19 ideologies.

The Journal-Topics reports the Chicago District Campground, also known as the Methodist Campground, has unleashed a “blistering rebuttal” to the city’s insistence on demolition for 50 of the camp’s buildings.

Officials at the camp are asserting “the city’s real intention is to ruin the religious organization because it did not capitulate to city demands that it adhere to strict regulations” during a revival event at the camp three years ago, during COVID.

Further, the camp charges it has been subjected to “harmful flooding” because the city took actions to direct floodwaters its way.

Specifically, the camp charges that as part of the city’s Levee 50 operation, city officials “rotated the spigot toward the campground” on activating, resulting, according to the report, “in additional flooding and harm to the campground’s 35 acres — and some of its buildings.”

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