January 6 Patriot Panel: Unity, Solutions & Action is LIVE Tonight on Twitter Spaces with 20 Influential Panelists and Featuring TGP’s Cara Castronuova, Alicia Powe and Brian Lupo

In the wake of the Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio’s egregious 22-year federal prison sentence, the January 6 community has decided to come together for a night of solutions and powering forward.

Tonight at 8pm est on Twitter Spaces, Jake Lang is bringing together a massive panel of J6 organizational leaders, journalists, influencers and defendants to tackle some of the main problems they face.

The discussion will be professionally moderated and hone in on five key topics:

  • The over-sentencing of the January 6 defendants,
  • Congressional action and updates,
  • Election integrity in 2024,
  • Traditional fundraising ideas,
  • And keeping God at the center of the movement.

The panelists will have 2 minutes to speak on each topic and share their solutions and plans of action.

Two legendary Gateway Pundit reporters, Cara Castronuova and Alicia Powe, will be panelists alongside other well-known J6 advocates like Professor David Clements, Brian Lupo, Pete Santilli, Treniss Evans, David Sumrall, Hoang Quan, and  Philip Anderson.

The impact of these speakers is going to rattle the Twittersphere tonight and we are inviting you to come tune in!

Visit the Twitter profile @JakeLangJ6 this evening at 8 pm EST and join the active Space!

Click here to join the Space directly.


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