“I’m Going to Go to Bed” – Reporters Laugh at Sleepy Joe During Presser in Vietnam After He Says He Is Going to Bed (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam to meet with General Secretary Nguyễn Phú Trọng of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

After spending a couple of days in New Dehli, India, Biden arrived in Vietnam. The grueling schedule is just too much for old Joe.

He needs a nap and he let everyone know.

Biden held a press conference after he delivered remarks and it was a total disaster. He opened up the presser by making a joke about a Vietnam War movie.

At one point Joe Biden got distracted at walked out of the camera frame.

Biden called on a list of pre-approved reporters: “They gave me five people here!”

After answering a few softball questions, Joe Biden admitted he was just too tired to keep engaging with the press. His medication is wearing off.

Reporters laughed at Joe Biden after he said he’s going to bed.

“I’m going to go to bed,” Biden said after he criticized China’s Xi Jinping.


Additional footage of reporters laughing at Sleepy Joe:

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