Hungarian Citizen Files Charges of Treason Against Leftist Opposition over Illegal Biden Funding

The Hungarian opposition of Peter Márki-Zay and neo-Fascist politican László Bíró were supported by the Biden Regime 2022 to try and oust Viktor Orbán


A Hungarian citizen has filed charges with Hungarian police and prosecutors after The Gateway Pundit contributor Larry Johnson stated that the CIA attempted to interfere in the 2022 Hungarian elections and remove Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán from power, Hungarian newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports.

Private Hungarian citizen István Tényi wrote to police and prosecutors, asking that they investigate whether the Hungarian opposition accepted illegal foreign campaign donations from US government funded Soros-aligned NGO Action for Democracy.

The Hungarian secret service revealed the $7.5 million in illegal campaign funding for the communist-fascist alliance which was supported by the EU and the Biden Regime to try and oust popular Hungarian President Viktor Orbán in 2022 elections, as The Gateway Pundit reported.

“We are thankful for the hundreds of millions [of Hungarian forints] of support coming from the United States,” said former PM candidate Péter Márki-Zay in June, publicly admitting to receiving HUF 1.8 billion ($4.5 million) in support from “Action for Democracy”.

“The shadowy group sent ($5 million) in mostly U.S. donations through an NGO with close ties to billionaire oligarch George Soros, officials connected with Hillary Clinton, and a number of leading transatlantic organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations” Remix News reported.

Action for Democracy is headed by Dávid Korányi, a former adviser to the Green mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony. Hungarian media now refer to the US-Soros-backed opposition as the “Dollar Left”.

Newly  declassified intelligence documents now revealed that a Swiss foundation also illegally contributed $2.78 million  to the opposition campaign, in addition to the American Action for Democracy, Remix reports. The Swiss transfers were made in five installments from the beginning of the left-wing primaries, between September 2021 and February 2022.

In 2016, “the United States got all outraged over alleged Russian interference in our election, but we were directly interfering in the Hungarian elections that reelected Orbán two years ago” Larry Johnson said. “Funding his opponents, etc.  … It wasn’t even the CIA. It was the US State Department. We were just open about it.”


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