HILARIOUS: Hillary Clinton Accuses Trump of Engaging in Projection

Hillary Clinton accused Trump of engaging in projection during a recent interview on MSNBC.

That’s pretty funny, coming from the queen of projection.

It’s amazing how easily lying comes to her, isn’t it?

FOX News reports:

Hillary Clinton offers psychological explanation for Trump’s actions: He is ‘engaging in projection’

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed that ex-President Donald Trump has been engaging in “projection” throughout his political career.

Clinton, who lost the presidency to Trump in 2016, made the remarks about the former president in a new interview with MSNBC weekend host Jen Psaki. It is set to air on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” on Sunday.

Prior to the interview’s premiere, Psaki shared a brief preview of the conversation she had with Clinton at the most recent Clinton Global Initiative conference this week…

Prompting Clinton, the former White House press secretary stated, “He recently said that he is very unlikely – it would be very unlikely that he would attempt to pardon himself. Do you believe him?”

Amused, Clinton replied, “I don’t believe him on anything. Why would I start believing him on that?”

The former U.S. Secretary of State then described what compels Trump to make such statements. “You know the thing about him – and I’m not the only one person who’s noticed this – is he engages in what psychologists call projection.”

It’s amazing that she could say this with a straight face.

Projection is an entire chapter in the Democrat playbook. They have raised it to an art form.

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