The Gateway Pundit Uncovers MASSIVE J6 DATABASE Engineered by ‘SEDITION HUNTER’ DHS Front Group

The Gateway Pundit has obtained THOUSANDS OF HOURS OF J6 FOOTAGE from “Sedition Hunter” online crowdsourcing groups.

Sedition Hunters are typically Antifa activists who define themselves as part of an anonymous group that tracks, identifies, and reports Trump supporters and protesters who attended the January 6 protests in Washington DC to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Defense attorneys representing J6 defendants have access to over 41,000 hours of January 6 footage but are prohibited from publicly disclosing the footage until it is exhibited in discovery in a defendant’s trial.

J6 defendants typically view their discovery for the first time during trial.

GOP members of Congress have refused to release the footage to the American people.

In June, when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green announced just three journalists were granted access to the footage, the Georgia Republican claimed groups like Sedition Hunters would use the footage to “hurt innocent people.”

But The Gateway Pundit has confirmed that Sediton Hunters have obtained nearly all the footage and have spent years documenting every aspect, angle, and dimension of the Capitol Riot.

Below is a copy of a spreadsheet compiled by Sediton Hunters containing links to thousands of hours of J6 CCTV footage, police body cams and more. 

The document outlines minute-by-minute accounts linked to available video, from January 6th.

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[UPDATE] Some hyperlinks on the document above are now broken or locked after this report was published. Don’t worry. The Gateway Pundit has downloaded and backed up every file that we will publish in the days to come. 

Below are links to the footage.








The high-tech resources “hundreds of volunteer” Sedtion Hunters have dedicated to cataloging thousands of hours of footage and tracking subjects with synchronized videos is shocking.

Their time invested in doxng demonstrators and creating highly advanced massive databases chronicling the events of January 6, akin to Nazis of Hitler’s Third Reich, is alarming

Yet, the evidence compiled by the left-wing reportedly government-contracted is already playing a significant role in helping the defense of political prisoners tangled in the Justice Department’s unprecedented J6 probe of conservative voters.

Last week, TGP founder Jim Hoft visited the Capitol to review portions of the J6 footage Congress has refused to release. Republican staffers Hoft that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is holding 41,000 hours to 44,000 hours of security footage.

“McCarthy is holding the security camera footage. The police camera footage is held by the local police departments. I’m not sure how the J6 sedition hunters would have obtained that. That is a question in itself,” Hoft explained.

“They specifically told me the footage that is being withheld is from security cameras around the Capital and they included about five days’ worth of camera footage. Of course, most of the footage is blank and meaningless — there was not a lot going on. Even some footage from Jan. 6 that I was able to review was still pretty blank. This is exactly what we found at the TCF Center in Detroit.”

There is no indication that the Sedition Hunter, BigFoot@OsintYet, who compiled the footage listed in the spreadsheet posted above is working with the government. 

However, members of the intelligence community who have reviewed dozens of the databases this reporter has uncovered suspect the footage and databases Sedition Hunters have compiled were collected by the government through the Department of Homeland Security and its many contractors.

The feds utilized IMSI catchers, cellphone intercept technology, to identify and catalog every individual in the nation’s Capitol on January 6, a cyber security expert who analyzed the Sedition Hunters databases explained in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

“The government appears to have provided IMSI-derived data to pseudo-investigative organizations like Sedition Hunters,” the intel analyst, who asked his name be withheld, said. “There’s great likelihood all of the organizations that work to identify J6  protesters are working with tips from the feds.

“Sedition hunters used IMSI-derived data to identify individuals on social media and across the internet platforms and scrape their images.”

The sedition hunter website contains a time-colored interactive map of every individual and group surrounding the Capitol building on Jan. 6.  According to the website, the map was created by  “contributors including data scientists, academic researchers, software engineers, and many others.”

“All are motivated by a desire to understand what happened on January 6 and why. Most wish to remain anonymous,” the website states.

The pseudo investigators, who also herald themselves as “Capitol Hunters” of the “Capitol Terrorist Attack” did the groundwork for the FBI to secure more arrests, the cyber security expert argued.

“Sedition Hunters established the initial ‘probable cause’ for federal authorities to indict specific people who attended January 6th,” he said. “Establishing that critical first ‘link’ between grainy footage from security cameras and the names of specific people in the United States was necessary to start the criminal prosecution process.

“This fraud in making the initial identification is known within government circles as ‘parallel construction,’ where evidence is obtained illegally and admitted into court. It is laundered through other sources to help conceal the true source of the information. This law enforcement technique is used to obtain warrants, secure indictments, and make the critical first identification of a suspect.”

BigFoot@OSINTYETI states in her bio that she is ” a graduate student. jan 6th researcher” and uses the pronouns she/her.” 

On Thursday, BigFoot@OsintYeti, updated her spreadsheet to include a response to this report. 

“These resources were painstakingly put together over the course of the past 2.5 years. I put actual hard work into them, something y’all probably know little about,” she notes. “We didn’t use ‘IMSI-derived data,’ we used public search engines available to anybody. Welcome to the internet, weirdos.”

Approximately 1,146 defendants have been arrested in connection with the events of Jan. 6, 2021, according to the Department of Justice.

As the DOJ continues to expand its J6 probe, the sedition-hunting ‘citizen’ group continues to spoon-feed federal authorities information to bring charges to the estimated 80,000 protesters who attended the Stop The Steal protest.

Immediately after discovering a Sedition Hunter spreadsheet linked to hours of J6 footage, J6 defendant Eric Clark downloaded the entirety of the footage and began posting each segment of the riot on Twitter.

In the past week, Clark has already assisted four J6 defendants with isolating footage that will be used in their discovery to which they are barred access.

The footage confirms Capitol police engaged in friendly fire incidents, seriously wounding one another. Cops are also seen on numerous occasions heinously beating protesters to the ground.

This reporter has uncovered more details on the murder of Rosanne Boyland while analyzing the footage and databases and acquired more details on the agent provocateurs within the crowd who were directing the most violent incidents.

In the CCTV footage and police body cam footage, protesters can be seen stopping agent provocateurs from committing violence.

The videos and data were not originally assembled by a few far-left laymen working from their kitchen computers. The Sedition Hunters’ use of facial recognition and other technologies are not in common use and not readily available to the public.

WE WILL BE POSTING MORE exposing the ‘SEDITION HUNTER’ government operation and the government’s persecution of January 6th protesters for the crime of having the wrong political opinions.

More news continues to develop EACH DAY about the January 6th setup and the 1,000 men and women suffering political persecution for the past few years.

Just today: The FBI was caught lying to Congress about how many undercover agents were in the crowd on January 6th.

The FBI now admits they have “lost count” of how many agents they employed to infiltrate the crowd on January 6th.

Nancy Pelosi’s lies about not speaking to the Capitol Police on January 6th have been confirmed with testimony under oath.

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