Harvard Attorney Who Reviewed Biden Article Was ‘Shocked by the Plagiarism’ He Discovered

President Joe Biden is not a good human being. Period.

That statement of fact doesn’t even have anything to do with Biden’s utter ineptitude at the wheel of this country, or any of his disastrous policy-making, or even the mounting evidence that he’s involved in some shady dealings with his son.

No, for the sake of this argument, let’s assume Biden is an incredible president whose “Bidenomics” are better than “Reaganomics” and who incarcerated his own son as soon as something remotely untoward was brought to his attention?

Give Biden all of that benefit of the doubt, and what are you still left with?

A lecherous, cold-hearted creep who has no qualms about stealing a married woman or pretending like one of his grandchildren doesn’t exist.

Oh, and if this blistering X, formerly called Twitter, thread from The Heritage Foundation Vice President Roger Severino is to be believed, you can also call Biden a pathetic plagiarist.

Severino, who received his Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School, took to X and revealed that he had an opportunity to review some of then-Sen. Joe Biden’s work while he was a junior editor for the Harvard Journal.

His findings were less than impressive — but hardly surprising if you’ve been keeping up with the incumbent president at all.

When RealClearInvestigations senior writer Mark Hemingway took to X to lambaste Biden, he specifically mentioned that the president has “been busted for plagiarism repeatedly.” Those comments obviously triggered some sort of flashback in Severino, who quote-posted Hemingway to share his own damning story of Biden.

The allegedly plagiarized piece is available online, if you’re morbidly curious. Severino helpfully shared a link to it.

“My first assignment as a junior editor at the Harvard Journal on Legislation (1999-2000) was to cite check an article submitted by one Sen. Joseph R. Biden. I was shocked by the plagiarism I discovered,” Severino posted to X.

In subsequent posts, Severino mentioned several examples of Biden’s plagiarism at work.

“Cite checking involves formatting case citations under highly prescribed rules and searching Westlaw to make sure the cases haven’t been overruled or superseded. Because I was interested in the article’s topic (civil rights) I read a bunch of the cited cases all the way through,” Severino began.

“That’s when I noticed that a certain turn of phrase in an opinion sounded oddly familiar even though it was my time reading it. So I turned back to Biden’s article, and there it was. He had lifted language straight out of a SCOTUS opinion, changed a couple words, and called them his own. There were no quote marks and no footnote or anything else attributing the court as the source,” Severino said.

Yes, Biden’s understanding of plagiarism appears to be on par with that of a lazy grade school student who forgot his paper was due tomorrow. It can’t be understated that this is a sitting U.S. lawmaker — feigning ignorance on this matter would be almost as bad as admitting he plagiarized.

“I then read the piece through again and multiple other phrases sounded familiar. Turns out they too were plagiarized from opinions. I believe this merited rejecting the article outright for plagiarism so I emailed the lead editor and presented the indisputable proof. Instead of thanking me for protecting the integrity of the Journal, they covered for Biden,” Severino continued.

He added: “They ‘fixed’ the plagiarism by adding proper attributions and acted like the whole incident never happened. But this was no innocent mistake, where Biden ‘forgot’ a quote mark or two which would be bad enough.”

The swampy elite covering for Biden is hardly anything new, but it’s still jarring to be reminded of how long this protection racket has been going on.

Severino went on to describe this phenomena of changing a couple words and trying to pass it off as original — “mosaic plagiarism” — and how Biden was exhibiting clear signs of “consciousness of guilt.”

That’s when Severino revealed why this incident was so bad:

“Worse still, Biden was *already* known to have plagiarized before this article crossed my desk yet was brazen enough to try it again,” Severino posted.

Look, if Severino just began posting these allegations out of the blue, perhaps you do offer up Biden some tiny benefit of the doubt. Surely, nobody could lack as many scruples as Biden appears to … right?

Wrong. And don’t take this writer’s word for it.

Listen to Biden’s staunch allies in the establishment media.

The very thing that sparked this wild revelation about the utter dishonor this president exhibits was a Washington Post “analysis” by their paper’s “fact checker,” in which the outlet basically admits that Biden’s a pathological liar.

“Biden loves to retell certain stories. Some aren’t credible” is the title of that astoundingly soft Washington Post article.

Again, let’s say as far as actual policymaking and results go, Biden has been splendid (to be clear, he hasn’t been).

You’re still left with a man with no honor, no respect for marriage, and no love for his own family. Oh, and he’s probably more corrupt than the 1919 Chicago White Sox.

That’s no leader. That’s barely a man.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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