Egads! Blinken And Many Western Pundits Still Chugging The Ukraine Kool Aid

Blinken and Kuleba

If you thought the horrendous Ukrainian casualties and Ukraine’s failure to penetrate the first line of the Surovikin defense after more than three months of combat would finally penetrate the thick skulls of “O’Bidens” national security team and a slew of military pundits and awaken them to the impending Ukrainian debacle, think again. These folks are doubling down on a losing hand. They ain’t pretending. They really believe the crap they are spinning.

Here are some of the more fantastical comments from Antony Blinken during a Wednesday press conference in Kiev with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Kuleba.

The United States is committed to empowering Ukraine to write its own future.  In the crucible of President Putin’s brutal and ongoing war, the United States and Ukraine have forged a partnership that is stronger than ever and growing every day.  We will continue to stand by Ukraine’s side, and today we’re announcing new assistance totaling more than $1 billion in this common effort.  That includes $665.5 million in new military and civilian security assistance.  In total we committed over $43 billion in security assistance since the beginning of the Russian aggression.

Now, since I was last here almost exactly one year ago, Ukrainian forces have taken back more than 50 percent of the territory seized by Russian forces since February of 2022.  In the ongoing counteroffensive, progress has accelerated in the past few weeks.  This new assistance will help sustain it and build further momentum.

Someone needs to teach Tony how to read a map of Ukraine and how to count. The West continues to harp on Russia’s withdrawal from Kharkiv a year ago as a major defeat for Russia. Giving up hundreds of square kilometers of farmland is not militarily significant. Russia, by contrast, continued to advance westward — remember Bakhmut and the long list of cities and villages Russia captured prior to that battle? Russia’s capture and control of Melitopol and Mariupol remains unchallenged. Just because Ukraine is doing the equivalent of accelerating a car into a concrete embankment does not mean the ensuing car wreck is a success. The slaughter of Ukrainian forces continues, Ukrainian cemeteries are bursting at the seams and Russia is turning the Western supplied tanks and armored vehicles into smoldering junk piles on a daily basis.

The new security funding that we’re announcing today will also be bolstered by the arrival of U.S. Abrams tanks this fall and by training for Ukrainian pilots on F-16s in the United States, complementing training that is already underway in Europe.

Even as we maximize our support for Ukraine to counter the current Russian aggression, we’re committed to helping Ukraine build a force for the future that can deter and defend against future aggression.  Today with President Zelenskyy, I discussed longer-term sustainable security arrangements which will provide ongoing security assistance and modern military equipment across land, air, sea, and cyberspace, as well as training and intelligence sharing.  The State Department is leading these discussions, which will continue in the months ahead.

Hey Zelensky. Be cool, my man. Joey Baby is sending you 50 year old combat planes that have zero chance of surviving a meeting with Russian air defense. Sounds like a “game changer” to me. Where exactly is this “force for the future” going to be trained? In 29 separate locations with 29 instructors speaking 29 different languages? What could go wrong with that scenario? I am sure that Europe will be thrilled to host newly dragooned Ukrainian recruits suffering from HIV or tuberculosis.

Now, Russia claims it would be willing to return to the Black Sea Grain Initiative if its conditions are met.  The United Nations has put forward a proposal that meets those conditions, but Putin continues to hold out.  Meanwhile, Russia is using the hunger and market distortion that it’s created to profit from record-breaking exports of its own grain.  As we build international pressure on Russia to return to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, we’re working with Ukraine to find and use alternative routes for its grain shipments to other countries.

For Ukraine not only to survive, but to thrive, we’re also supporting its efforts to rebuild from Russia’s aggression.  At the Ukraine Recovery Conference held in London a few months ago, I pledged that the United States would invest more than $520 million in making Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, more than half of which has been destroyed by Russia, cleaner, more resilient, and more integrated with Europe.  We’re making new investments to enhance the transparency of Ukraine’s institutions and to bolster the rule of law so that Ukraine’s democracy is even more responsive to the needs of its people and can attract the private capital needed to rebuild.

Pouring money into bottomless maw of Ukrainian corruption is only guaranteed to enrich the guys and gals backing Zelensky. It is no coincidence that Zelensky “fired” former Ukrainian Defense Chief Reznikov for being “corrupt” on the eve of his meeting with Blinken. Really? Reznikov is on the take? Then why was he not arrested? Oh, I forgot. Zelensky reportedly is punishing him for his corruption by sending him to London as Ukraine’s Ambassador. Oh, the horror! Imagine the pain Reznikov will suffer having to endure conversations and a drink or two with Rishi Sunak and other British luminaries. I hope he likes Fish & Chips and warm beer. It is now clear that dumping Reznikov was nothing more than a propaganda gesture designed to placate a lazy press eager to write more pablum about Zelensky cracking down on ripoff artists.

Here is the video of the Blinken and Kuleba joint press conference:

Blinken is not the only one displaying symptoms of psychosis. The boys at WarOnTheRocks are doing their part to promote Ukrainian war fantasies. I will simply link to the article. If you choose to read it, please secure all sharp objects and firearms in a location not readily accessible to you. I don’t want any readers to harm themselves accidentally as they react to the nonsense written by MICHAEL KOFMAN AND ROB LEEPERSEVERANCE AND ADAPTATION: UKRAINE’S COUNTEROFFENSIVE AT THREE MONTHS. I would have titled their piece, “DEAD COUNTRY WALKING.” But I am not their editor, so whatever.

Blinken and a raft of pundits still insist they can see a light at the end of the tunnel. They refuse to see it is the Moscow Express bearing down and it will run them over.



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