Document Dump On “Boneface”, Faux Nazi Confidential Informant For U.S. Government

In the aftermath of the staged American NAZI protest in Orlando, Florida a couple of weeks ago, one of the prominent shouters of hate, Mr. Kent “BONEFACE” McLellan was outed as a U.S. Government informant (he reportedly worked under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security aka DHS) and booted from the real NAZI organization. Laura Loomer’s work in exposing him made that happen. The initial scrutiny of Boneface surfaced a video where he claimed he was working for the CIA and getting paid to fight in Ukraine. Turns out that is a lie. There is zero evidence that Boneface has seen any action in Ukraine.

A friend of mine — an intrepid miner of social media and public documents — scooped up some pretty damning evidence that exposes the tawdry history of Mr. McLellan. As I noted in my previous article it is not unusual for law enforcement (both Federal and local) to recruit criminals as informants in order to penetrate subversive groups. I think American skin-heads and Nazis qualify as subversives. What is both unusual and outrageous is that McLellan’s DHS handler (or handlers) have allowed him to engage in criminal and political conduct that falls outside the duties of a traditional snitch.

So let’s go thru the evidence. I will start with McLellan’s arrest on 1 April 2022 by two police officers in Escambia County, Florida (that is where the city of Pensacola is located) for felony battery. Here’s a portion of the Arrest Report:

The arresting officers also filed an Incident Report. The full version is below. Note, the folks at XRVision obtained the original police report and the report that is available to the public. The words highlighted in red in the document below indicates the verbiage that was scrubbed (i.e. deleted) from the public report.

It appears he has some anger management issues. So Boneface is identified by the FBI as a member of a “terrorist” group and he is arrested for felony battery, which can earn you up to five years in prison. Did he get locked up? Apparently not. A little over a year later he is back on the streets and engaged in more criminal conduct. This time he was nabbed in Volusia County, Florida for “Burglary with Assault/Battery.” Here is the charging affidavit:

If you are holding your breath waiting for Kent McLellan to do jail time you will pass out. Ain’t gonna happen. He was summoned in August to appear in court last week for hearing on the Burglary and Assault and Battery charges. He did not show. I am told by someone who attended the hearing that the DHS handler for Mr. Boneface showed up and talked with the Judge. It looks like the charges are being dismissed. Which raises the question — why does he keep getting a pass on criminal conduct? His name is not Hunter Biden.

Kent “Boneface” McLellan has an extraordinarily lengthy arrest record. He has been on the wrong side of the law since he was 17 years old. Charges include drug trafficking, battery, assault and criminal mischief. It is a very long list. Here are some samples:


Besides his voluminous arrest record, Mr. Boneface also is a liar when it comes to Ukraine. Take a look at the following mash-up:

That is Boneface in the upper lefthand corner. He is holding up what appears to be an authentic Ukrainian document vouching for his service with Azov. But look carefully at the image of the stamp/seal. The portion next to his face is blank. Just the curved blue line. The other images show what a real stamp/seal looks like. I do not know if Boneface forged this himself or hired someone to do it. Regardless, it is amateur hour.

There is other evidence that Ukrainian intelligence officers are playing a direct role in helping Boneface create the legend that he has fought in Ukraine. Why would they do that? The simplest explanation is that Boneface can be used to discredit anyone who suggests that there are close ties between the Nazis in America and those embedded in the Government of Ukraine. Anyone who cites Boneface as “proof” that there are Nazis in Ukraine is proffering evidence that is not true because Boneface is just pretending to be a Nazi and Ukrainian freedom fighter. The unanswered question is why is Ukraine’s SBU taking such an active interest in the case of a career criminal whose informant job is to penetrate American Nazi movements?

We will see what develops.


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