Conservative Bond: Italian Salvini and French Le Pen United Against Mass Migration, Ahead of EU Elections Next Year

The US and the EU have been dealing with uncontrolled mass migration from poorer countries in a level that would be considered impossible just a few years ago.

Both in the new and the old world, conservatives are the only ones who can take the initiative to combat this situation and return some sanity to the immigration policies.

A group of high profile conservatives gathered in Italy, at a political rally hosted by League leader Matteo Salvini.

Looking forward to next year’s European Parliament elections, conservative parties are focusing on fighting mass immigration as they upend the left-liberal bloc’s domination of European politics.

French deputy Marine Le Pen was one of the foreign guests  at the meeting at the source of the Po River, attended by a number of European right-wing forces, including the Alternative for Germany party (AfD).

Salvini and Le Pen presented a united front against European policies of ‘migratory submersion’, and also stressed the importance of protecting European cultures and national identities.

RMX News reported:

“’We are defending our traditions, our gastronomy, our identities, our landscapes […] we are defending our peoples against the flood of migrants’, said Marine Le Pen, with Le Pen directly referencing the recent surge in immigration at the Italian island of Lampedusa, which is seeing thousands of migrants arriving each day, including a record of nearly 7,000 in 24 hours last week.”

Le Pen declared that conservative parties were in a common fight to defend freedom and the homeland.

“’To those who pretend to defend the status quo or to justify their lives that there is no other alternative, you (pointing to the crowd) have demonstrated that political will can do it. You have demonstrated the political will that Europe needs. By the force of your convictions and your actions, you have demonstrated that there are still Europeans willing to protect our continent, our cultures, and our civilization’, said Le Pen.”

The leaders said that the coming European elections, set to be held next spring, are a chance for ‘resistance of the European peoples to outside influence’.

“Matteo Salvini said that if he had to choose between French President Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, there is no doubt that he would choose the latter: ‘We have a common task to win in Italy and in the European Union’.”

France will also hold elections this coming Sunday for half of the 348 seats in the Senate.

Euronews reported:

“Speaking to his supporters, Salvini vowed he would do everything that was “democratically permitted” to stop a so-called invasion.”

The alliance between Ms Le Pen and Matteo Salvini has been unbreakable over the last ten years.

“In national politics, Marine Le Pen is in opposition and Matteo Salvini is part of the right-wing and far-right coalition government led by Giorgia Meloni. However, while the French politician and her National Rally party are flying high in the opinion polls, her Italian counterpart and his Northern League are languishing at 8-9% – far behind Meloni and her Italian Brotherhood.”

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