Confronted on Explicit Pornographic Books Offered to Kids, Colorado School District Blocks Libs of TikTok Domain

Chaya Raichik, the creator behind the Twitter account Libs of TikTok, had been anonymous until she was doxed by Taylor Lorenz.

But Lorenz’s attempts to silence Raichik backfired spectacularly and Libs of TikTok has grown to over 2.5 million on X.

Raichik’s page chronicles radical leftists by reposting videos that Liberals publish themselves on social media, often chronicling public school teachers indoctrination of children to a radical leftist agenda.

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Raichik promised to become even more involved in s fighting the culture war against the types of leftists she regularly exposes with her account.

Recently, a parent in Cherry Creek Schools in Greenwood Village, CO, contacted Libs of TikTok with concern about sexually explicit books available to students.

Several of the books that raised concerns included graphic sexual acts, a lesbian terrorist protesting Christians and a book that depicts sexual abuse and sex acts.  The materials are available to elementary school children and one can even be digitally downloaded.

Specific descriptions of the books, as well as graphics, can be seen here. (warning, graphic content)

When Libs of TikTok reached out to the school district to inform them about pornographic materials being offered to children, as young as elementary school, they were they were promptly blocked from communicating with the school.

Image: Courtesy of /Libs of TikTok

Libs of TikTok reports:

This district didn’t even give anyone a chance to reply to us, they just blocked our domain from the start!

We figured that this had to be some type of error or their server was down so we tried again a few days later.  A total of TWENTY different district emails later, we received the same reply every time!  We are definitely blocked district wide and can’t even reach the school board members!

In order to cement this blocked theory, we made a new gmail account and posed as a concerned parent and emailed the school board. We instantly received an auto reply and the next day we received a personal response asking us to email the same people that we tried to email days earlier!

Image: Courtesy of /Libs of TikTok

Libs of TikTok provides details to email the superintendent, the district leadership team, and the school board to ask why pornographic books are being provided to children and why they are blocking Libs of TikTok from communicating with them.


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