Chicago Teachers Union President Opposes School Choice, Except for Her Child

President of the Chicago Teachers Union Stacy Davis-Gates/ Image: AFT

Stacy Davis-Gates is President of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and a prominent opponent of school choice.

Except, of course, for her own child.

Public schools are failing Illinois students miserably. While teachers push Critical Race Theory and the sexualization of children in schools, academic rigor continues to slip lower and lower.

The Illinois State Board of Education’s report card is dreadful.

In 30 schools in Illinois, not a single student can read at grade level, 22 of which are in the City of Chicago.

In 53 schools, not a single student can do math at grade level, 33 of which are in  Chicago.

But for parents hoping that school choice is an option, Davis-Gates and CTU led the charge to kill Illinois’ Invest in Kids Act.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, “Public Act 100-465​ established the Illinois Invest in Kids Act. The Act includes a five-year tax credit scholarship program for eligible students who attend qualified non​public schools in Illinois.” The Act has served as the state’s sole school choice option since 2017.

According to the CTU,  “It must be ‘game over’” for the program.”

SubX News reports, however,  that Davis-Gates does support public education alternatives for some children: her own. One of her children attends a private Catholic high school in Chicago.

WirePoints reports on what Davis-Gates has said about families in need who want to provide the same opportunities for their children:

I’m also a mother, my children go to the Chicago public school,she said in a webinar. “These are things that help to legitimize my space within the coalition but also helps to amplify my voice as a leader in labor because a white dude whose kids go to school in the suburbs can’t really have that same voice in the same way.”

When asked in an interview if she had concerns about school-choice and privatization supporters running for the school board, she said, “Yes, we are concerned about the encroachment of fascists in Chicago. We are concerned about the marginalization of public education through the eyes of those who’ve never intended for Black people to be educated. So we’re going to fight tooth and nail to make sure that type of fascism and racism does not exist on our Board of Education.”

Davis-Gates’ hypocrisy is on full display on X.

Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter
Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter
Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter
Screenshot: @stacydavisgates/Twitter


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