BREAKING: Wisconsin Senate Committee Votes Down WEC Recommendation to Reappoint Shady Meagan Wolfe

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

Madison – The Wisconsin Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection voted today, as promised, to “not” accept the unanimous majority recommendation of the Wisconsin Elections Commission for the current Administrator of Elections, Meagan Wolfe, for a new 4-year term to end on July 1, 2027, per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61.
The vote was 3 Republican Senators to not reappoint, 1 Democrat Senator voted yes to reappoint and of course, one Democrat Senator had to abstain from voting:

The Senate Committee on Organization meets tomorrow, September 12th, to vote to schedule the Senate Committee on Shared Revenue, Elections and Consumer Protection’s recommendation to “not” reappoint Meagan Wolfe for a new 4-year term for the entire Senate (22 Republicans, 11 Democrats) to vote on during the Floor Session on Thursday, September 14th, 11:00 A.M.
All indications are that the entire Republican Senate Membership will be voting “no” as well as one Democrat senator on not reappointing Meagan Wolfe.
Once the Senate votes to “not” reappoint the current Administrator of Elections on Thursday, September 14th, a “vacancy” will have occurred that affords the Wisconsin Elections Commission to nominate a different candidate for the position of Administrator of Elections within a 45-day period that will again have to be approved by the full Wisconsin Senate per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61.  If the Senate and Wisconsin Elections Commission cannot agree on an Administrator of Elections, then an appointment of an interim Administrator of Elections will be completed by the Joint Committee on Legislation Organization after the 45-day period per Wisconsin State Statute 15.61.
Meagan Wolfe has been the subject of many The Gateway Pundit articles for her maladministration of election in Wisconsin for many years
The future of Wisconsin’s elections and 10 electoral college votes are at stake.
Everything must be done to protect and preserve our constitutional representative republic and that starts with elections that are finally administered with integrity without any outside interference or influence!


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