Biden Meets with Paltry Crowd in Live Oak, Florida For His Cheap Photo-Op After Surveying Hurricane Damage (VIDEO)

Joe and Jill Biden on Saturday reluctantly traveled to Live Oak, Florida to survey the damage from Hurricane Idalia.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis snubbed Biden and refused to meet up with him for his cheap photo-op.

Hurricane Idalia hit Florida’s west coast earlier this week as a Category 3 storm.

Biden showed up in Florida for a quick photo-op after major backlash for ignoring the Maui wildfires as he enjoyed back-to-back vacations.

After shuffling around, delivering a divisive speech, and ‘surveying’ some damage from the hurricane, Joe Biden greeted a very small group of people in Live Oak.

Most of the people who gathered to meet with Joe Biden were security, police or media personnel.

As usual, Joe Biden used this meeting as an opportunity to creep on the girls.

The news media made sure to pan in really close to Joe Biden to give the illusion that the crowd was much larger than it really was. As soon as the reporters were told to back away, the cameras panned out and the real size of the crowd was revealed to be way smaller. Maybe a couple of dozen people showed up to see the most popular president in US history.

This photo-op was a total waste of taxpayer money.


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