Attorneys Representing Ruby Freeman And Shaye Moss Attack TGP, Jim And Joe Hoft – Professor And Attorney David Clements Responds

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Obama attorneys running “Protect Democracy” are using lawfare in Ruby Freeman and her daughter Shaye Moss’s case against The Gateway Pundit, Jim and Joe Hoft. 
This case is about eliminating free speech in America.

When the Hoft brothers reported on the apparent actions Ruby and Shaye engaged in on Election night in 2020 in Fulton County, Georgia, the Obama gang at “Protect Democracy” was there to back them up and slander the Hoft brothers.

These attorneys are suing The Gateway Pundit, Jim, and Joe Hoft in a St. Louis court.  Although Ruby and Shaye are from Georgia, the Obama attorneys at Protect Democracy must have thought the St. Louis court would give them the best chance to push through their BS case.  They certainly should have known that Georgia’s Anti-SLAPP law would get in the way of a weak case.

On Thursday, the attorneys representing Ruby and Shaye sent a letter to Hofts’ attorneys complaining that Jim Hoft discussed the actions that Ruby and Shaye committed in Georgia on election night when Jim was recently on the War Room with Steve Bannon.

These attorneys claim that only they own the truth.  They base this on the corrupt Secretary of State in Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, and his reports that Ruby and Shaye did nothing wrong.  This is their reasoning for claiming the Hofts must be incorrect when reporting on Ruby and Shaye’s actions.  They seem to believe that the only authority that we are permitted to rely on is an authority figure approved by “Protect Democracy.”

However, Raffensperger has no claim to the truth either.  In fact, he lied to President Trump in a phone call after the election and then his team cut out pieces of the call to slander President Trump in the press.

UPDATE: Georgia Judge Orders 145,000 Absentee Ballots from Fulton County to Be Scanned to Determine Legitimacy — Case Revolves Around Explosive Dec. Report from Gateway Pundit

Raffensperger was the one who lied on the call with President Trump because he never shared with President Trump the hundreds of thousands of ballots identified in a Georgia Senate hearing led by a Georgia judge and Senator.  He also never honestly addressed the tens of thousands of issues raised by President Trump’s auditor.  He also never shared with the President the report from Fulton County that he obtained from a person he hired on election night confirming that the operations there were in total disarray.

The truth doesn’t matter to Raffensperger or the Obama gang. 

The letter from the attorneys representing Ruby and Shaye was discussed on Friday’s Joe Hoft Show on TNTRadio.

Here is the letter:

At the 49:00 minute mark in the audio below from Friday’s Joe Hoft Show professor and attorney David Clements shared his response to the letter that Joe Hoft received from the gang of attorneys representing Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss.

Joe Hoft shared:

Related to that I received a letter today from the attorneys representing Ruby and Shaye.  And so what I am aware of was there were three cases that Ruby and Shaye filed claiming defamation.

One was with OAN who settled in DC and can you blame them, it’s a DC court?  They’re going to get an Obama judge and they’re going to lose.  I mean, you might as well settle now, and that’s what they did.

Then you’re got Rudy’s case that I just mentioned and he’s now going to, I guess, some process where they’re going to decide how much of Rudy’s wealth he needs to give to Ruby and Shaye.  And the third group is The Gateway Pundit and Jim and Joe Hoft.

And we received this letter from these attorneys today.  They’re complaining that Jim had said a couple things about Ruby and Shaye and about the incident and that happened when he was on with Bannon recently and they’re asking that that stop.  And, they claim that…it’s irresponsible, it’s defamation because it’s clearly been proven basically that Ruby and Shaye did nothing wrong.  And that this is a disregard for the truth, and it’s a knowing publication of lies and its inflicting significant damage.

And then at the end of the article they find one nutjob out there who put a comment on The Gateway Pundit to one of Jim’s posts and the guys says “that that ghetto queen and the equally trashy daughter must hang”.

We have no idea who that is.  For all we know it’s a representative or an attorney from one of these firms.  We just have no idea and Jim gets thousands and thousands of comments daily at The Gateway Pundit and they are suggesting, I guess, because of this one comment from an unknown person who we have no idea who they are or that they are part of the Deep State or part of the legal team that’s coming after us that this is getting dangerous.

This is their technique.  I don’t know if they are related to this person or not, but this is the kind of stuff they are doing to us now, claiming this has all been debunked, that Ruby and Shaye clearly did nothing wrong that day (sarcasm).   How would you respond to that?

Professor Clements shared:

I love your instincts because they’ve done that same thing against me.  What they’ll do is, you don’t know who’s posted the comment, you don’t know when they’d done it.  I’ve had stories that were written that have been up for months and nothing can stop someone from even putting up a comment now.

But to somehow suggest that Jim is scouring the comments doing monitoring patrol?  I mean the people that leave the comments are answerable for their own comments and that’s not Jim’s responsibility and it’s not yours.  Now if you come across it and you can minimize it, you can do that.  But you pointed out something, who’s to say that it’s not the legal team?  Who’s to say that it’s not Antifa putting in this dangerous invective and then that’s how they go after Jim and Joe Hoft.  So I’ve seen that.  I think that that’s probably what happened.

But the reality is a settlement is the settlement for someone else’s case.

It has not been established in litigation with Gateway Pundit that Ruby Freeman has been exonerated from anything because they have not come to trial on the matter.  They’re just giving their talking points.  That has not been adjudicated in a court of law and just because someone settles it to make the headache go away doesn’t mean that Ruby Freeman is innocent.  The video shows the exact opposite and I just hope that the Gateway Pundit and the Hoft brothers continue to fight for the truth.

You all have been the source for courage for many people to get the truth out there.  The reality is this.  No one should be saying anyone should be hung, that’s dangerous.  But I will tell you my legal opinion after seeing what Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss did at 10:00 o’clock at night in the State Farm Building was akin to treason.* 

When you start undermining our elections to that level, it’s the reason why we are in the hellscape that we are in today and the nation has not healed.  So, where is their responsibility?  Where is their culpability?  

I don’t care about some anonymous comment.  I want to talk about what we just mentioned.  Why in the world were they resubmitting ballot, after ballot, after ballot in the dark of night?  That’s what needs to be discussed.  Not some settlement that’s basically deflecting the real issue in this matter and that’s their actions on election night in the dark of night should never happen.

*(Note that these comments are from Professor and attorney David Clements, and are not ours.  Readers should make up their own minds, after doing their own research, as to who is being more forthcoming.)

Listen to the entire interview below starting at the 20-minute mark:


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