Aaron Rodgers Fires Back at Keith Olbermann, Labels Him a ‘BUM’ Over Injury Theories: “Get Your Fifth Booster, Keith”

Screenshot: The Pat McAfee Show/Youtube

As The Gateway Pundit reported, former long-time Green Bay Packer star Aaron Rodgers suffered an “ankle injury” after just four snaps in the game.

After a post-game press conference, despite an impressive Jets’ win over their division rival Buffalo Bills 22-16 despite the injury, head coach Robert Saleh told reporters regarding Rodgers, “It’s not good.”

And he was right.  This week, it was confirmed that Aaron Rodgers suffered a “complete tear” of the Achilles tendon, the fibrous band of tissue that connects your calf muscles with the heel.

Rodgers, 39, will miss the entire 2023 season after the Jets signed him to a $112.5M 3-year deal.  Of that $112.5M, $75M is guaranteed, including a $35M signing bonus and salaries for the 2023 and 2024 season.  His $37M salary for 2025 was not guaranteed.

Rodgers claimed that his torn Achilles wasn’t caused by his refusal to get vaccinated or with ayahuasca, and according to the injured New York Jets quarterback, anyone who believes such nonsense is a ‘bum,’ Daily Mail reported.

In his first interview since suffering a season-ending injury, Rodgers discussed his critics in the media with sports analyst and professional wrestler Pat McAfee: conservative Greg Kelly and liberal Keith Olbermann, both of whom he referred to as ‘bums.’

Newsmax host Greg Kelly floated the theory earlier this week that Rodgers’ injury was the result of drug use and a lack of Christian faith on the part of the quarterback.

“He ruptured his Achilles tendon?” Kelly asked, adding, “Something like that? I totally saw this coming. I said it out loud, I can prove it to you tomorrow night. I’ll find the tape, it’s out there somewhere.”

“This was gonna be a disaster. He lost the eye of the tiger. A competitive quarterback can’t be all happy and goofy all the time.”

“Something happened to this guy, and I think I know what it was – DRUGS. He got involved in psychedelics. This Ayahuasca tea – something like that that gives you this “oh, I love you bro” kind of mentality. It’s uh… it’s not good,” Kelly continued.

“How about going to church?… Ayahuasca tea is a crummy substitute for God,” Kelly said.


“If you saw Greg Kelly, who’s a super conservative political pundit, said the reason why your Achilles happened, not because Achilles the way it was kind of constructed by God or whatever, but because you took ayahuasca and that is kind of how it all happened. That’s one guy,” said McAfee.

“What’s that guy’s name?” Rodgers asked.

“Greg Kelly,” said McAfee.

“Bum,” Rodgers responded.

Meanwhile, Olbermann playfully blamed Rodgers’ well-publicized refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine for the injury. It can be recalled Rodgers admitted that he misled the press by saying he was vaccinated.

The New York Post reported:

Meanwhile, Rodgers has been mired in various controversies over the years – including about his COVID-19 vaccination status.

When asked about it in August 2021, he told reporters he was “immunized” – but when he tested positive for the bug three months later, it became apparent he didn’t get the jab.

Rodgers later admitted that he misled the press.

He said he underwent an alternative treatment because he claimed he was allergic to an ingredient in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations, adding that he didn’t want to get the Johnson & Johnson shot due to perceived side effects.

Rodgers fired back to Olbermann’s comment with a zinger of his own, “Get your fifth booster, Keith,” adding, “Bum.”


You can watch the whole clip here:


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