5 Ways a Christian Precious Metals Company Is Changing the Game and Defending Retirements

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With a sharp rise in interest in precious metals over the past two years, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been inquiring about moving portions of their wealth or retirement into gold and silver. This is smart considering the state of the economy and its current trajectory, but there’s a challenge.

Self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals are not all the same. In fact, there are many products on the market today that have zero benefit to the customer. This is one of the reasons Genesis Gold Group, a Christian precious metals company, was launched in the first place.

“Proper financial stewardship is so important whether the economy is good or bad, but especially when it’s looking like it is today,” said Jonathan Rose, co-founder of Genesis. “That’s why we work diligently with our customers to craft the right mix of metals for their retirement accounts.”

To do it right, Genesis knows it will ruffle some feathers in the financial industry. Their consultative approach and transparency have resulted in a perfect 5 out of 5 score through the Better Business Bureau, but even as customers love them there are those in the industry who do not. Other gold companies aren’t pleased that Genesis does not engage in “Big Gold” business practices which are antithetical to proper Biblical stewardship. Financial advisors often try to block Rose’s team from talking to their customers because Genesis rebukes “woke” retirement investments.

“We’re here to help our customers, not to rub elbows with financial bigwigs at the country club,” Rose continued. “And if helping our customers requires us to roll up our sleeves and go to bat for them, we’re ready to do it. We do it everyday.”

Defending Americans’ retirement the right way with physical precious metals requires Genesis Gold Group to shift the paradigm in the industry. Their maverick mentality ties in perfectly with their Christian worldview; those who were compliant to the world in the Bible changed nothing while the “rebels” made a real impact.

Here are five ways Genesis Gold Group is changing the game for both the industry and, more importantly, their customers:

  1. Education and Consultation First: The “bulk approach” to leads is rampant in the industry. They hook people any way they can, give them the quick pitch, and shift their energies to the low-hanging fruit of people willing to make poor financial decisions on a whim. Genesis Gold Group believes an educated buyer is the best buyer. This is why they patiently work through the process and answer all of their customers’ questions transparently. Everyone needs to feel comfortable and confident before a deal is concluded.
  2. No “Free” Silver Offers: Nearly every “Big Gold” company offers “free” silver in their marketing for one reason: It works. There is a common suspension of disbelief as many Americans hope the free silver offers are real. They are not. The cost of the silver is simply worked into the price of purchase. Genesis Gold Group does not charge the margins necessary to offer “free” silver. Instead, they price metals reasonably to make sure the retirement accounts they create are not bogged down by “Big Gold” profits.
  3. Unabashedly Faith-Driven: It’s generally accepted as a best practice in the industry to avoid discussions of faith, culture, or politics. It isn’t just Christian conservatives who buy gold, after all, so everyone tends to shy away from controversial topics. Genesis Gold Group is unabashedly faith-driven. It’s at the core of their business, which is why they have Christian pastors on their staff. It isn’t uncommon for consultants and customers to pray together on the phone when deciding about their purchase. The things that other precious metals companies avoid, Genesis Gold Group embraces.
  4. No Bait-n-Switch: The precious metals industry is unique because the wholesale cost of the product is not negotiable through volume. Whether a distributor is selling 10 ounces of silver coins or a pallet of silver bars, the wholesale cost per ounce is the same. Where most precious metals companies make a killing is through retail sales of the “coin du jour.” This is why they will often use sales tactics like claiming they have a “surplus” of a certain coin that they can “let go” for “cheap.” This is false. They’re simply steering their customers toward products with the highest commissions at that moment. Genesis Gold Group crafts the right metals mix based on what’s best for their customers in the long-term. This is a real differentiator in the industry.
  5. Tenacious Rebuke of ESG Financial Advisors: There’s one reason financial advisors fight tooth and nail to keep their clients’ money tied up in anything other than precious metals. They simply can’t make as much money off gold and silver as they can with other asset classes. Their biggest incentive right now is to steer clients into “woke” ESG investments because the White House essentially pays them to do so. Genesis Gold Group fights wokeness, the diktats of the White House, and financial advisors on a daily basis.

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Here’s Jonathan Rose explaining why gold and silver have advantages over other retirement assets:

Defending your retirement isn’t always easy, but it definitely doesn’t have to be hard. Contact Genesis Gold Group today to learn how they’re not only changing the game, but changing the lives of Americans across the nation.

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