“Your Body Count Trumps All Those” – Social Media Users ROAST Crooked Hillary Clinton After Clueless Tweet Pushing Gun Control Following UNC Shooting by Chinese National

As Cristina Laila reported, The University of North Carolina on Monday issued an emergency alert warning students and staff about an armed and dangerous person on campus.

UNC graduate Tailei Qi was identified as the suspect in Monday’s on-campus shooting. Qi, a Wuhan-educated PhD student, was charged with first-degree murder after killing a UNC college professor. He was also charged with having a gun on educational property.

Crooked Hillary Clinton decided to emerge and weigh in with some thoughts on the matter. She utilized this act of terrorism by the Chinese national as an opportunity to push gun control on law-abiding Americans.

Kids deserve to go to school free of gun violence.

Teachers deserve to give lessons free of gun violence.

Shoppers deserve to buy groceries free of gun violence.

And on and on

In the midst of making her cliched arguments for gun-grabbing, Hillary’s cluelessness was completely exposed by conservative media personality Dana Loesch. Turns out Hillary was completely oblivious to the fact that guns have been banned on school grounds for three decades.

More X users piled on Hillary, with a number referencing to the infamous “Clinton Body Count.”


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