Wife of Judge Overseeing Trump’s Fulton County Case Donated to Obama, Hillary Clinton and Biden, Follows Them On FB Too

Fulton County Judge Robert McBurney who is currently presiding over Trump’s “election interference” case may have to recuse himself from taking the case due to his wife’s previous financial support to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

Donation records from Open Secrets reveals Courtney McBurney the wife of Judge Robert McBurney previously donated to Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020.

According to her LinkedIn Courntey McBurney worked at GE for over 10 years while being based in Atlanta which confirms the employment information recorded by Open Secrets.


LinkedIn confirms she worked at GE:

On her Facebook account she has also followed both Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s political pages.

So far, Judge McBurney has done everything possible to make Trump’s recent indictment a circus.

On Monday, McBurney allowed for cameras to be inside of the court to record the moment Trump was indicted.

Shortly after reading out the grand jury’s decision, McBurney was seen inside of the court room cracking jokes.



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