What Did They Discuss? – Report Reveals Hunter Biden Spent TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS at White House With His Father – Stay Began One Day After Now-Defunct Sweetheart Plea Deal with David Weiss

A surprising act of actual journalism by the far-left Washington Post is raising fresh questions regarding Hunter’s dealings with his father.

It turns out Hunter spent two consecutive weeks at the White House during a critical period this summer, his father’s temporary residence. As the New York Post notes, this means he got to spend some quality time with his dad.

One can only wonder what they were discussing and plotting.

The Washington Post revealed Hunter began his stay at the Executive Mansion on June 21. This was just one day after he reached a sweetheart plea agreement with US Attorney David Weiss, who is now set to bury the Hunter investigation as Merrick Garland’s Special Counsel.

As the Gateways Pundit previously reported, the deal would’ve allowed Hunter to avoid jail despite failing to pay taxes and fibbing about his crack cocaine addiction when purchasing a firearm.

It gets even better, though. The vast majority of Joe Biden’s aides had no clue about Hunter’s extended stay. The New York Post notes this two week timeline overlapped with a White House state dinner honoring India’s prime minister Narendra Modi, two Biden family trips to Camp David, the discovery of a bag of cocaine steps from the Situation Room and an Independence Day blowout at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hunter and his family eventually left the White House on July 5.

The Washington Post also suggests staffers fear Joe’s wrath if they dare approach or mention his son. Staffers avoid strenuously avoid conversations about the president’s son and refused to discuss discussing his legal woes with Joe because of they realize that their “contributions and ideas would not be welcome.”

There is good reason for this concern. As NBC News reported back in June, Joe Biden sent staffers a stern warning: “Hands off my family.” The liberal news site spun this message as Joe just trying to keep his son “safe.”

They did, however, clear Joe’s schedule so he could “monitor” his son’s plea deal with Weiss on July 26, when it was supposed to be finalized. As Gateway Pundit readers know, this did not happen.

Joe Biden’s personal lawyer Bob Bauer, gave the him constant updates as the hours-long hearing unfolded and his son’s deal collapsed. This of course ended in Hunter pleading “not guilty.”

The Washington Post report closes by engaging in some unintentional humor. It claims Attorney General Merrick Garland “blindsided” Biden by elevating Weiss to special counsel. We all know they have a common interest in wanting Hunter to remain free.

This two week stay by Hunter also throws another wrench into the White House’s timeline regarding the cocaine discovery. The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the entire Biden Crime Family was at the White House during the discovery. With Hunter staying two consecutive weeks, this could narrow the list of suspects.

The plot thickens.


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