“Water Requires Conversations Around Equity” – Meet the Radical, Obama-Loving Official Who Delayed Life-Saving Water to Maui for SEVERAL HOURS While the Fires Were Contained (VIDEO)

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As The Gateway Pundit previously reported, the devastating wildfires across Maui are a classic toxic combination of liberalism, corruption and inexperience all rolled into one.

The people of Maul begged for life-saving water from the West Maui stream to be used to fight the fires only to be brushed off.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Wednesday there was an official request made to divert the water and it was ignored for several hours by Deputy Director M. Kaleo Manuel of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management (CWRM). We are also learning some infuriating details about Manuel’s background.

The paper obtained a letter from Glenn Tremble with the West Maui Land Company who dropped some damning details regarding the fire’s chronology. The fire was contained at 9 A.M. local time but troubling weather conditions and low reservoir levels led them to make the request for stream water to store as much water as possible for fire control.

The reservoirs needed to be filled by 1 P.M. Instead, Manuel waited until 6 P.M. and the once-contained fire completely exploded.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser reported:

Instead of approving the request, CWRM asked the company whether the Maui Fire Department had requested permission to dip into the reservoirs and directed it to first inquire with the downstream user to ensure that his loi and other uses would not be impacted by a temporary reduction of water supply.

Communications were spotty, the letter said, and the company had already tried unsuccessfully to contact the one downstream user.

At around 6:00 p.m., we received CWRM’s approval to divert more water,” Tremble wrote. “By then, we were unable to reach the siphon release to make the adjustments that would have allowed more water to fill our reservoirs.

We watched the devastation unfold around us without the ability to help. We anxiously awaited the morning knowing that we could have made more water available to MFD if our request had been immediately approved.

The news gets worse, though. GOP Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy dropped a bombshell tweet earlier Thursday and revealed that Manuel is a Obama Foundation “Asia Pacific Leader” & a radical climate activist.

There’s a dark but hard TRUTH to the Maui catastrophe that has led to over 110 tragic deaths. As wildfires raged, desperate residents petitioned state officials to send more water for firefighting & to help protect their properties from fire.

That request went unanswered for hours, withholding critical aid to islanders. Now we’re learning that the official who delayed the approval is an Obama Foundation “Asia Pacific Leader” & a climate activist who believes water should be “revered” first and foremost.

Here is the Obama-loving radical in a recent video explaining his woke views on water management. Manuel saves his most infuriating statement at the when “water requires true conversations about equity.”

Perhaps he was concerned about too much water going to Maui because it might disproportionately benefit the “wrong people.”



The commission is responsible…to protect and manage all water resources in the state. One water is … looking at it from a holistic system perspective, and that’s not any different than how Hawaiians traditionally manage water.

You know, in essence we treated — Native Hawaiians treated water as one of the earthly manifestations of a God… and so that reverence for a resource and that reciprocity in relationship was something that was really, really important to our worldview and well-being, right, living in an island and isolated from other civilizations.

So I think where it shifted to today or over time is that we’ve become used to looking at water as something which we use and not necessarily something that we revere as that thing that gives us life, right.

I mean, to me it’s a shift in value set, and if we can start to really look at how we as humans, in an island, can reconnect to that traditional value set. So really my motto is always like, let water connect us and not divide us. Like, we can share it, but it requires true conversations about equity.

No wonder the Hawaii state government is trying to cover up their actions before and after the fires. Blood is all over their hands.


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