Victor Reacts: Biden Judge Rules That Maryland Parents Can Not Opt Their Kids Out of LGBTQ Curriculum (VIDEO)

How would you feel if some judge came along and told you that you do not get to have the final say in your child’s education? As with the Gateway Pundit reported, that is exactly what happened in Maryland when a Biden appointed judge ruled against concerned parents.

United States District Judge Deborah L. Boardman ruled against the Muslim-led group of parents who did not want their children exposed to far-left propaganda about sex and gender.

The parents sought an injunction before the first day of school on August 28 after the district changed its policies in March to no longer allow parents to opt their children out of being assigned books that advocate pride parades, gender transitioning, and pronoun preferences for kids as young as pre-kindergarten.

In a press release, Becket explained, “The new ‘inclusivity’ books were announced last fall for students in pre-K through fifth grade. However, instead of focusing on basic principles of respect and kindness, the books champion controversial ideology around gender and sexuality. For example, one book tasks three and four-year-olds to search for images from a word list that includes ‘intersex flag,’ ‘drag queen,’ ‘underwear,’ ‘leather,’ and the name of a celebrated LGBTQ activist and sex worker. Another book advocates a child-knows-best approach to gender transitioning, telling students that a decision to transition doesn’t have to ‘make sense’; teachers are instructed to say doctors only ‘guess’ when identifying a newborn’s sex anyway. Other books focus on children’s romantic feelings.”

This is the unfortunate future that they want for you and your kids. They will force your children to be subjected to their propaganda.

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