Tucker Meets Serb President Vučić: “War in Ukraine has Crushed the European Economy”


Tucker Carlson teased an interview with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić on his Twitter Channel, noting that the Slavic nation had actually been “bombed by NATO” 1999.

Visiting Budapest, Hungary, Tucker Carlson paid a visit to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić at the Serb Embassy, where Vučić told Carlson his ministers and staffers “want selfies” with the former Fox News host.

“One of the points he made is that the war in Ukraine, the war against Russia led by NATO, has crushed the European economy,” Carlson said. “The destruction of Nord Stream by the Biden administration, either directly or through proxies, is killing the German economy. The German economy is the largest economy in Europe by far and so the downstream effects of that, one NATO country effectively attacking another NATO country are felt throughout Europe. That’s completely crazy.”

“This war is hurting everybody – possibly with the exception in the long term of Russia – and empowering everybody outside of Europe – the Gulf States, China, Turkey,” Carlson said, “So you’re really seeing the world reset. It’s a little more complicated than ‘Hitler Vs. Churchill, good vs. bad, democracy!’ It’s about a massive shift in power away from the United States”, Carlson said.


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