Trump Attorney: Biden Admin Wants to Deny ALL AMERICANS ability to View Evidence that Exonerates Trump – They Are Denying Trump a Voice (VIDEO)

Trump Attorney John Lauro joined FOX News Sunday this morning to discuss the continued attempts by the Biden regime to silence and harass their leading opponent in the upcoming 2024 election.

The Biden regime has now indicted President Trump in over 70 junk indictments that could land him in prison for over 400 years. Democrats have effectively turned America into a lawless Marxist state. Thank goodness they have the mainstream media on their side to spread their lies.

Last week Joe Biden’s DOJ indicted President Trump for speech violations. Trump was indicted for challenging the 2020 election. Now he will be forced to face an Obama-judge in court with a 95% Democrat DC jury to convict him on speech charges.  The verdict is already written.

The media refuses to report the truth on this travesty of justice.

President Trump leads ALL candidates Republican and Democrat in the 2024 race. So they want to jail him.

On Sunday morning, John Lauro joined Shannon Bream on FOX News Sunday to discuss the Biden regime’s attempt to block any evidence from the American public.

For the record, Shannon Bream is defending the government’s right to silence and jail Americans for speech violations. What a disappointment.

John Lauro: This is the problem with bringing a political prosecution in a political season. President Trump was responding in a political way to some of his political opponents. And the Biden administration wants the judge to put in place an order that will prevent the press from obtaining exculpatory and material information that might be relevant to these proceedings. Even though Mr. Trump, president Trump, has argued from the very beginning, as I have, that this is an attack, this indictment is an attack on his First Amendment rights.

Now, what the Biden administration wants to do is deny all Americans the opportunity to learn non-sensitive information about what the case involves in a political season. We have to remember that President Biden back in April 2022, which he repeated in November 2022, was that he was going to take President Trump out of the election, even though President Trump is his most significant opponent. Now we see the Biden. Justice department acting on the Biden plan. So President Trump, in the middle of a political season, is certainly entitled to respond politically. But make no mistake about it, this is an effort to prevent President Trump from running for president.

Ironically, the same theories that are being used in this indictment against President Trump could be used against President Biden for enlisting his Justice Department under the Biden plan to prevent Donald Trump from running for president.

Shannon Bream: So let’s talk about the charges, though. You say this is an attack on the First Amendment, the Justice Department recognises that former President Trump had and has First Amendment rights to say things. In the indictment itself, it says this the defendant had a right, like every American, to speak publicly about the election and even to claim falsely that there had been outcome determinative fraud during the election and that he had won. The rest of the indictment, though, is about the conduct, not just the speech.

Attorney John Lauro: yeah, the First Amendment protects conduct as well as speech, but what the Justice Department, the Biden administration doesn’t do is reference what’s the conduct at issue. President Trump did not issue any executive orders or do anything in terms of using the levers of executive power. He simply petitioned and asked state legislatures and state electoral officials around the country to act responsibly. In fact, he petitioned, not directed. He petitioned his own vice president, ultimately to pause the voting on January 6 in order to allow the states to weigh in on auditing or recertifying. All of at is core First Amendment protected speech. In fact, everyone, whether you’re a President of the United States or an ordinary citizen like you or me, can petition their government with grievances or requests to redress actions that were taken by the government. That’s exactly what President Trump.

Via FOX News Sunday and Midnight Rider.

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