‘Trans Widow’ Describes Harrowing Marriage with Ex-husband Who Became ‘Fake Woman’

Tracy Shannon, ‘trans widow’ (screenshot, X video)


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Court-ordered ‘therapy’ for kids: ‘Told they could no longer call their father dad’

Warning: Graphic and offensive subject matter

An interview with “trans widow” Tracy Shannon – whose ex-husband went from secretly cross-dressing in their home to openly “transitioning” to become what she calls a “fake woman” – offers a harrowing look into a marriage and family shattered by a man caught up in a transgender fantasy.

The hour-and-a-half long interview with Shannon by Daily Wire radio and podcast host Michael Knowles offers one of the most in-depth media looks to date into two core groups victimized by “male-to-female” trans-activists: the woman and wife whose marriage is turned into a nightmare as her husband pursues his “trans” fetish; and their children, who did nothing to deserve their father’s narcissistic descent into a lifestyle celebrating sexual and gender deviance. She was married to the man for 15 years, and they had three children together.

Shannon, based in Houston, is director of the Texas branch of MassResistance, a group that opposes homosexual, transgender and LGBT activism in the United States and worldwide. She has also has a Twitter (“X”) account, “@AskATransWidow,” that is growing fast since the release of the Knowles interview.

In introducing Shannon on the broadcast, Knowles says, “There is one group of people whose perspective we never hear about when we talk about transgenderism and that would be the women who are abandoned by their husbands – husbands who leave their families to pursue the transgender identity.”

Knowles posted the interview Aug. 12 on X, formerly Twitter, noting that “YouTube would not allow us to publish this interview.” (So common is YouTube’s leftist-aligned censorship of educational conservative content that it is barely newsworthy.) The video can be viewed in full below or on Knowles Twitter (“X”) feed. At press time it had more than 709,000 views.

Here is a brief summary of the highlights, or rather lowlights, of the horrifying story of betrayal and deception by Tracy Shannon’s treacherous, perversion-embracing ex-husband and its destructive effect on their family:

  • Tracy noticed very odd behavior by husband, such as getting aroused while shaving his legs in the bathroom, and secretly taking one of her bras. She would notice that her clothing was “stretched out” due to his twisted fetish.
  • Her kids, two boys and a girl, were ultimately forced to see their “transitioning” father in his new “identity,” dressed as a woman.
  • The general lack of empathy in the culture for the “trans widow.”
  • Her and her husband meet with marriage therapist – who unbeknownst to her was a pro-transgender advocate allied to him – who tells Shannon that she must be a lesbian because she fell in love with a man with an “inner female or feminine side.”
  • Tracy finds out that the therapist encouraged husband to “transition,” which he does secretly, begins to grow hormone-induced breasts.
  • Her then-husband started wearing some of their baby daughter’s clothing “accessories,” like her bows, evidently to satisfy his perverse and consuming cross-dressing fetish.
  • Tracy said, “I couldn’t stay [in the marriage] and let him violate her.” The girl was five years old when the couple divorced.
  • Texas divorce court orders “therapy” for children, who are “told they could no longer call their father dad.”
  • How her children had to get used to their dad hugging them, but now “now their dad was soft and his enormous breasts would rub up against them.”
  • Her kids attempted suicide several times.
  • Shannon had to fight in court to keep her children from being exposed to her ex-husband’s abusive female-to-male transsexual lover. The ex-husband was aided by transgender-activist lawyers who saw in his case a chance to defend trans people’s “parental rights.”
  • In the home of the ex-husband, where the children went for visitation, they were exposed regularly to inappropriate things like sex toys “that they just found lying about the house, like openly on the bed.” Also, two of the kids would sleep in the bed with the “ex” and his “trans man” lover.
  • Shannon’s ex-husband’s lover, a female-to-male transsexual “on testosterone,” “threatened to kill my kids … threatened to kill my kids, threatened to kill my ex-husband, and threatened to kill me.”
  • Shannon’s ex-husband would watch pornography on TV in front of their daughter as she slept on the couch (when she had visitation with him). He claims this did not happen and that he never watched porn, but the daughter said, “Oh yes, it did happen.” Tracy believes her because she has caught her “ex” in so many lies before.
  • Tracy had to do legal battle with “transgender activist lawyers” who took up the case of her husband

In 2019 Shannon and Texas MassResistance went undercover at a local “Drag Queen Story Hour,” which she “eventually exposed as having sex offenders, pornographers, and prostitutes in the program.” And for that, she was labeled a “predator” by her pro-LGBT foes, who seem to have a knack for projecting:

Transcribed excerpts

The following is a sampling of excerpts from the interview. Web links and bolded emphases added by WND:

Terrible signs, then husband reveals his problem:
“Right after the birth of our first child, my baby was in the hospital and my husband came to see us and informed me that he had an issue of cross-dressing and that it was more than just what I had noticed in the first four years of our marriage – occasionally finding [an article] of clothing missing, you know, that was mine and in his possession or walking in on him – doing his fingernails or shaving [presumably, his legs] and being in a state of arousal while shaving, which is totally normal for women, right? No. So it was more than that, he said, that he had had the issue of cross-dressing going all the way back to when he was a teenager, when he would borrow [clothing] items of his mother’s, without her knowing, and try them on.”

Children lose their dad
“My son, my oldest, had bought my ex-husband a book when we were still married when he was 10 years old. It was called ‘The Dangerous Book for Boys.’ It’s a big red book, a hard cover, and it has all kinds of activities for a father and son to do together. And they did one activity. I think it was making paper airplanes one time. And after that it just went on a shelf and collected dust and never to be picked up again by my then husband, by his father. And it had a nice note in the front that my son had written about how he wanted to do all these things with him, and he was really looking forward to it. But instead, his father would become a fake woman and would lose interest in doing all those boy things with him. And who would he do those boy things with after that? Who would do the father-son things with him? People don’t ever hear about the heartbreaking reality or the many nights that my children cried themselves to sleep. And I had to get up out of bed and go comfort them because they missed their father.”

No finality, no sympathy for the ‘trans widow’
In the interview, Knowles observes that unlike a divorce or the death of woman’s husband, in the case of the trans widow there is no finality.

Shannon responds: “And although they did see him [their dad], dressed as a woman, it’s not the same. There is no funeral to say goodbye to the father. There’s no sympathy for me as a trans widow. There’s, instead, when I told someone that my husband was transitioning and that was what caused the end of our marriage, they would say to me, and they still say today, even this morning, a woman said to me something similar: ‘Well, at least he can be happy now. Or, no, sorry, she … at least she can be happy now. And how did it affect her and her family? And I mean, people feel like they have to obey this [trans] ideology even when the person we’re talking about is not around, that they’re going to respect these [trans] pronouns. It’s just so weird – brainwashing that’s overcome America to the degree that we have no empathy for the people that we should be having empathy for.”

Therapist tells Shannon to “transition,” he secretly starts growing hormone-induced breasts
“She [the couple’s marriage therapist] actually wrote him the letter to transition while we were married. And this was early on in our marriage. We were married for a total of 15 years. This was in the fourth year of our marriage. So at this time, she wrote the letter for him to transition. And he then got on hormone therapy and started to develop little breasts while we were married. I was told the reason for the breast development was that he was taking OCD medication to help him not run across stress. So I actually felt sorry for him that he was developing these breast buds that were embarrassing, that he would wear a T-shirt when we went to the public swimming pool with our kids. I mean, I felt sorry for him and I was trying to just be a living life. And it affected things. You know, I feel very deceived that he was having this lesbian fantasy and growing these breasts while we were married and having intimate relations. I think that totally undermines the idea of consent that is so popularized by, you know, used by the left to onboard all these other things that we don’t agree to as Christians and conservatives, especially when they’re talking about our kids.”

Kids attempted suicide; push for trans “reeducation”
Knowles asks Shannon how old her kids are. She responds:

TS: “So they’re all over 18 now. My youngest with him is 19 and I have a 20-year-old and a 24-year-old. And so between the three of them, there have been six suicide attempts of different degrees of seriousness and one hospitalization in a mental health facility (for a pretty good period of time for one [child]). And now our haters would say, that’s because I didn’t accept this [trans] ideology and take my kids to some type of indoctrination like [the LGBT propaganda group] GLAAD. And in fact, that was one of the things that was brought up, that they wanted me to have to take my kids for reeducation. Who wanted that? His lawyers when we first were divorcing. … I got sued for full custody of my kids a second time after we had already settled the divorce because I dared to tell him that you couldn’t have your your lover spending the night with my kids, you just can’t move your lover in. We have a morality clause … in Texas. It basically says that … Hold on, I gotta’ stop you there.”

Court-ordered therapy: Kids coached on pronouns, told not to call their father “dad”
“[In 2019, or 2010…] the kids were ordered to court-ordered therapy where they were coached on the right pronouns to use for their father and told they could no longer call their father ‘dad.’… And they had to come up with a new name to call him, which I think is probably one of the most heartbreaking things of the whole thing. I mean, they already feeling ghosted. And now you have professionals with the power of the state behind them, telling them that they can’t call their father dad. Eventually, they no longer went along with that.”

Kids love their dad, but initially scared and confused
TS: “[T]hey loved their dad, but they were very confused. And one was really scared when this initially happened to even go with their dad because of the changes in appearance and the strange people that he was taking the kids around.”

Knowles: “He’s obviously insane. He’s just a crazy person, right? A sane person doesn’t do this.”

TS: “Well, the root of it is selfishness, and the kids were not a fan. They have different relationships with them between the three. One has none at all, is not interested, the oldest. The middle child maintains a relationship. He’s a traditional Catholic. He wants to remain present, to remind his father who he really is, and he continues to pray for him that he will have a complete conversion. and then the youngest is involved with him more than anybody, but part of that is because financially, she can get what she wants from him.”

He almost shared his cross-dressing secret on their wedding day
“I do recall in our wedding day, I actually had asked him, just joking, hey, is there, he had called me before my bridal brunch. And I said, is there anything you need to tell me of last chance before we, you know, take our vows today? And he was quiet. And I thought, Is there something? You know, I was just kidding. And then he said, oh, no, there’s nothing. And then years later, he told me that that day he was going to tell me that he had cross-dressed in his past, but he was afraid I wouldn’t marry him. So it was in his mind and he just deceived me and thought that I was one day going to accept all this, but in those years he would cross dress occasionally … not right openly out in front of me like some of these men do – which is just awful the level of abuse some of the trans widows take with their husbands doing this outlandish stuff and and telling the women they just have to deal with it. But I would find out by finding some stash clothes or receipt for some clothes that he dressed up in and threw away. Usually I would smell the smell of acetone [from nail polish] in the house or in the trash can and that meant he was playing in nails.”

Husband pretends to be pregnant woman when Tracy was pregnant, freaks son out
“So one time when our middle son was still a baby and I was pregnant with my third child, he fashioned himself a pregnancy belly. You’ve seen like on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil or something where the men are trying to find out the experience of their wives when they’re pregnant. So he tried to pass it off as he’s just trying to empathize with me. Now, this is our third baby. If you’re the time to empathize with me for being pregnant like past like many years ago, we’ve done this a few times. But I think he saw this as his last chance maybe to do this. In fact, this was my third pregnancy. So fourth pregnancy, third baby. And he added enormous breast to this thing that he wore and they were made with water balloons. It was really bothering my oldest son that he was walking around with this thing on and with women’s clothes over top and he told me this is how he would be, like, coercive. He would say things like, I’m trying to help you. I’m going to do all your chores for you. Like I had these assigned chores and I’m going to do all the housekeeping. You just rest and and he was buzzing around very happy and that thing that he made. And I finally just told him, I just feel like you’re cross-dressing and it’s making me really uncomfortable. So I wish you wouldn’t do that anymore. And he wasn’t willing to give it up. He still kept pressuring me, [as if saying:] ‘I need to do this so I can understand you. Just relax. I’m going to take all, take care of everything, take care of all your responsibilities around here. You can just lift your feet up.’ So my son, who was very disturbed by this, actually went and destroyed that thing [mock ‘pregnancy’ getup] with a pair of scissors, drug it [from] the drawer and destroyed it because it bothers him seeing his dad like that.”

Dad hugs son, but now with new fake breasts
“So you can only imagine how it felt when he was six years older, his dad decides he’s going to become a woman and he goes and gets giant breast implants and a nose job and grows his hair out long. And he’s hanging his bras all around his trashy apartment for my son to see. And whenever he would hug my son, he’d rub his breast up against him. People don’t think about what this is like for the boys. They don’t think about what that’s like at all. I mean, dads have a certain feeling when you give them a hug. And now their dad was soft and his enormous breasts would rub up against them. And that made them really uncomfortable.”

Then-husband starts wearing baby daughter’s clothing ‘accessories’
“He was already wearing items of her, like some of her accessories, [like her] bows. I mean, this is a baby girl. When we had divorced, she was five years old. He was already wearing items of her clothing. I couldn’t stay and let him violate her, the way that I have been violated. You know, putting on clothes out of my closet and realizing they’re stretched out. Realizing my high-heel boots are stretched out and my panties stretched out because he had been in them.”

Daughter says dad watched porn in front of her during visitation
“[M]y ex actually told me, even fairly recently when I asked, that he never watched porn while we were married. And still does not to this day and has not ever. That’s his claim when I asked about it, because my daughter told me that he watched porn in front of her. So I went back and asked again to my daughter. Dad said this did not happen. Did this happen? She said, oh yes, it did happen. He watched porn. She would sleep on the couch when she had visitation with him, and he would be in there watching pornographic videos in front of her, according to her.”

Children suffer: exposed to sex toys at dad’s house, shared bed with trans lover
“[I]t’s just insane that society is accepting all this and they don’t recognize the experiences of these children that they’re going through. My children were exposed to sex toys at their father’s house that they just found lying about the house, like openly on the bed. He had two of my children sleeping with him and his lover in their bed that they shared. That is entirely inappropriate.”

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