TGP Exclusive: Harris County GOP Candidate Alex Mealer Is Still Fighting a Corrupt Election – Nearly Turned Harris County, Texas Red – And Still Does Not Have the Correct Voting Numbers (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, we interviewed Alexandra del Moral Mealer, the Republican candidate for Harris County Judge. Alexandra, who goes by Alex Mealer, ran against the very corrupt incumbent, Judge Lina Hidalgo, who has had several top aides arrested during her time in office.

Alex Mealer is a wife and proud mother of two living in Houston Heights, a combat veteran, a Harvard JD/MBA, and a proud second-generation Hispanic American. She is also a West Point grad.

As Alex told us, Harris County is the home of Houston, Texas and the largest county in the great state of Texas. Alex explained, “It’s the third largest county in the country. So for scale, this would really be the 25th state. So it’s extremely significant.”

Alex was defeated in the November 2022 election by 18,183 votes (less than 2% of the vote) in a county that went for Joe Biden in 2020 by 13%, 918,193 for Biden, to 700,630 for President Trump.

Months after the election, Alexandra Mealer cannot get accurate numbers from the county on her race.

Alex Mealer told us about the importance of Houston and Harris County in the Democrat Party’s plan to flip Texas. Says Alex, “I truly believe that this is the battleground. There is no road to flipping Texas that doesn’t have Harris County. This is key. And so when I was running, you had Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, all of your B-list celebrities came down and campaigned against me. We were the second most expensive race in the state, so only the governor’s race was more expensive. I raised 10 million from local business owners because we’ve always understood that this is the battleground. And what happened in my election is just frankly unacceptable.”

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The Harris County race ran into the same “problems” as Maricopa County on election day. They ran out of paper and the machines quit working. How convenient.

The election officials won’t tell Alex how many precincts ran out of paper on election day. They don’t know if it’s 27 locations or 76 locations. The situation is that bad. And so far, government officials blamed the Houston Astro’s World Series Parade for not having the precincts properly equipped with paper for election day.

Alex Mealer: it’s not the first time. We had just had a preview in the March primary where they quite literally didn’t include 10,000 ballots in the count. And instead of trying to fix those problems, they went and hired a partisan actor. The election administrator out of DC brought him in. And it was somebody that even current Mayor Bowser said was disrespectful, couldn’t answer basic questions. So this wasn’t a guy who had a stellar record. In fact, when he ran the DC election, the regulators called it equivalent to a Banana Republic election. So after a horrible March primary, they bring in this guy from DC to run my election. And it was just really a disaster of widespread paper shortages. So some polling locations didn’t even get paper. Unprecedented lines just from the amount of broken equipment in the reports we’re reading, they talk about sending band fulls of controllers. Just utter chaos. And what’s frustrating and the significance of what we’re doing know every Texan should feel very confident about the election results when they actually follow the law. So I don’t know if you remember a couple of years ago when all the Democrats fled in private jets to DC when we were trying to pass meaningful election reform.

Alex is waiting on a county audit by Secretary of State Jay Nelson that was previously authorized.

Alex had this to say on the importance of Harris County, “If we hold Harris County, there is no flipping Texas blue. And that’s why I had such strong support. Senator Cruz did endorse me in my primary. I’m very grateful that he’s a Harris County resident. My family there got involved. And that’s been the big message, is Texas is really becoming more of a battleground than any of us would expect just because of the outsized influence of out-of-state dollars. My opponent, something over 80% of her financing was from out of state versus mine which was pretty close to 100% Harris County,”

Alex is contesting the election and needs your help. This race is not over.

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