Sarah Palin Responds to Trump Persecution: ‘Do You Want Us to Be in Civil War? Because That’s What’s Going to Happen’

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has warned that continued persecution of former President Donald Trump will lead to a second Civil War.

Palin made the comments during an interview with Newsmax’s Eric Bolling on Thursday evening.

“Those who are conducting this travesty and creating this two-tier system of justice, I want to ask them what the heck, do you want us to be in civil war? Because that’s what’s going to happen,” Palin said.

“We’re not going to keep putting up with this.”

Palin told Bolling, “You suggested that we need to get angry. We do need to rise up and take our country back.”

The former governor and vice presidential candidate did not just take aim at the Democrats directly responsible for Trump’s arrest, but also the Republican National Committee for not fighting back.

“Now I would say the RNC [Republican National Committee], that’s what’s lacking when it comes to collective anger that can be healthy and can be useful,” she continued.

“Where is the RNC? They hold the purse strings to the party. They hold the funds that can help out in this situation. They have the platform and yet they’re too timid, bunch of frickin’ Rinos [Republicans in Name Only] running the thing. So the RNC, they better get their stuff together or we have to ask them too: What do they want as an outcome of this. Civil war?”


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