Sam Bankman-Fried Whines He Isn’t Getting His Adderall and Vegan Meals in Prison

Sam Bankman-Fried is whining he isn’t getting his Adderall and vegan meals in prison, his lawyer says.

A vegan is a person who does not eat any food derived from animals.

The 31-year-old crypto scammer was recently jailed for witness tampering.

Sam Bankman-Fried was hit with a superseding indictment on Monday and charged with using stolen customer funds to make more than $100 million in campaign donations ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. He was hit with seven counts of conspiracy and fraud over the collapse of FTX.

The crypto scammer’s lawyer said SBF is “subsisting on bread and water and sometimes peanut butter.”

SBF has also been denied Adderall to treat his ADHD, his lawyer argued at a hearing on Tuesday.

The New York Post reported:

Sam Bankman-Fried can’t prepare for his upcoming trial because he’s not getting his ADHD medication at a Brooklyn lockup — which is also apparently refusing to serve him vegan meals, his lawyer whined at a court hearing Tuesday.

“He’s literally now subsisting on bread and water and sometimes peanut butter,” Bankman-Fried’s defense attorney Mark Cohen told a Manhattan federal judge.

Cohen said his recently-jailed client, founder of the now-bankrupt FTX cryptocurrency exchange, is a vegan who “continues to follow his principles” and was forced onto the spartan diet because he being “served a flesh diet” at the troubled Metropolitan Detention Center.

The lawyer made the complaints at a hearing where Bankman-Fried — wearing beige jail clothes and ankle shackles — pleaded not guilty to charges that he misused billions of customer funds to live lavishly and back dodgy investments at the FTX-connected hedge fund Alameda Research.

Last year Sam Bankman-Fried told the magistrate he couldn’t go to jail in the Bahamas because he’s a vegan and depressed.

The judge denied his bail and he was marched to an overcrowded jail.

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