Rolling Stone Triggered by Oliver Anthony’s Hit Song, Loses It Over Reference to Epstein

Liberals have found the next country song for their most-hated list as it only took a few hours for new crooner Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North of Richmond” to soar to no. 1 on the iTunes chart, and no one is triggered by the protest tune more than the hard-core, left-wing Rolling Stone magazine.

Antony’s anthem for the common man has become so popular it knocked Jason Aldean’s “Try that in a Small Town” off the no. 1 spot on the iTunes list on Friday.

The song by the singer from Virginia practically blew up overnight as conservatives discovered it last week and began posting about it on social media.

Anthony’s song certainly catches the zeitgeist of the hour as ultra-wealth elites seek to gain total control over our lives by controlling the money, the culture, and our communications, not to mention taxing us to death as they do it.

WARNING: The following videos and lyrics contain language that some may find offensive

Here’s a sampling of lyrics from the song, shared by YouTube channel “radiowv”:

“I’ve been selling my soul / Working all day / Overtime hours, bulls*** pay / So I can sit out here / And waste my life away…”

Anthony speaks to and for average, everyday Americans who are tired of working themselves to death for nothing more than subsistence pay as the pockets of politicians, corporate America, and the elites fill to overflowing with riches. He speaks to and for those who are sick and tired of being barred from the American dream and prevented from bettering their lives and those of their families.

Naturally, just as common Americans are finding that Anthony’s song is resonating with them, elitists such as the leftists at Rolling Stone are railing against the song because it is causing hard feelings for the very left-wing authoritarians who are trying to run our lives that the magazine supports. Consequently, Rolling Stone is railing against Anthony’s song in its Aug. 11 broadside against the young singer.

The erstwhile music magazine is incensed that Anthony is blasting “high taxes and obese people on welfare.” And the magazine is particularly annoyed that Anthony “even appears to allude to Jeffrey Epstein,” the Hollywood elitist who was a convicted pedophile who ran a private island where he reportedly supplied some of the richest and most powerful people in the world with underage girls and boys to satisfy their lust.

And don’t forget, Rolling Stone hated Jason Aldean’s song, too. Shocking, I know.

Rolling Stone is disgusted that “right-Wing Influencers,” including Dan Bongino, Matt Walsh, and conservative country star John Rich, are suddenly rising up as one to push Anthony’s song and comparing Anthony to Jason Aldean.

“A look at the lyrics, however, may suggest another reason why ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ is appealing to right-wing influencers. Anthony rails against high taxes and the value of the dollar, but also wades into some Reagan-era talking points about welfare,” the magazine’s screed reads.

But that isn’t the only thing that has infuriated Rolling Stone.

“The real head-turner though is an apparent allusion to Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island, where the billionaire and convicted sex offender allegedly introduced underage girls to powerful associates,” Rolling Stone laments

The lyric in question states, “I wish politicians would look out for miners / and not just minors on an island somewhere.”

How dare the songwriter be upset at human trafficking and a loss of mining jobs at the same time!

Anthony himself noted in another video that he has been disgusted to see pedophilia “normalized” by leftists such as Rolling Stone.

“One of the worst things a human being can do is take advantage of a child,” Anthony says in the video. “I think I drew the line on being quiet when I started to see that becoming normalized. And I’ll leave that at that.”

There was a day when far-lefties such as those at Rolling Stone prided themselves on being anti-establishment. But now they are the worst shills you can imagine for the leftist gate keepers who are intent on controlling this country. Rolling Stone is now a cheerleader for big pharma, big tech, big entertainment, big government, and the communist-based policies of the climate change religion that is focused on sending us all back to the stone age. And they are even standing up for pedophiles such as Jeffrey Epstein.

See how far they have fallen.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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