RFK Jr. Shares His Own Mugshot and Says Trump’s “Mugshot Worked Very Well for Him”


Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined Fox News host Jesse Watters to discuss numerous topics such as his presidential campaign, Biden’s health, and more.

At one point during the interview, Watters switched gears and asked Kennedy, “Have you seen the Trump mug shot?” to which Kennedy replied, “Yeah, I did see it.”

Kennedy then explained further and stated, “It was an interesting and probably very shrewd decision for him to put on that very defiant face. I think it’s very popular with his base.”

The Democratic presidential candidate further elaborated, “I wonder whether he practiced it in front of the mirror or whether he was just angry at the time and that reflected what he did. But I thought, from a strategic point of view, it worked very well for him.”

Kennedy also shared, “I had a mugshot when I was arrested in Puerto Rico in 2001 when I was doing a protest against the Navy.”


Trump’s mugshot did work really well for him.

The Trump campaign has reported they have raked over $7.1 million since Trump had his mugshot taken in Fulton County.


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