Report Shows GBI Strategies as Part of Massive Left-Wing Dark Money Voting Operation by Democrats in 2020 Election

The firm at the center of a three-year long voter fraud investigation is also featured in a report this week from the Capital Research Center, identifying the massive ‘dark money’ used to prop up Joe Biden’s flailing 2020 campaign. The firm, GBI Strategies, was paid millions in non-profit money to ‘organize’ voters for purposes that appear to be thinly-veiled campaigning. Meaning that, left-wing billionaires routed money through non-profits to give to GBI Strategies, money that would be difficult to trace and would be spent affecting elections.

The author of the report, Parker Thayer, spoke with the Gateway Pundit and explained more: “This whole effort was a major push by the left to elect Democrats. They called it the Voter Rights Project or VRP, and also sometimes called it ‘Everybody Votes’ but what it really was, was the funding hub. They were coordinating their fundraising and their spending to get their desired result: putting Democrats in power. This was the mechanism they used to make sure they won.”

“VRP was a funding hub in eight targeted swing states.”

“If you look at the timing of the funds and the amounts, it appears that they were paying by registration. If that’s the case then the problems with quality control seem more obvious: there was a strong financial incentive to turn in voters.”

Paying employees by the number of registrations they collect is highly unethical and a good indicator of potential fraud.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that 8,000-10,000 fraudulent registrations were discovered in just one county in Michigan that were “created” by GBI Strategies.  GBI Strategies was operating in 20 states in 2020 and all of the battleground states.

The Gateway Pundit has more evidence that this was not an isolated event in one Michigan county.  We will present this damning evidence in the coming days.

Thayer continued: “GBI’s role in this massive scheme was when the 2020 election started heating up and the pandemic started these left-leaning nonprofits had trouble getting volunteers or anyone to work. So they turned to consulting firms like GBI who were paid to do the work instead. But proper legal barriers between profit and non-profit entities and quality control were not maintained, especially in the case of GBI where they are now accused of turning in clearly fraudulent ballot applications. Yet GBI was paid millions by a wide variety of Democrat campaigns, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and various left-wing non-profits and foundations.”

from the report by the Capital Research Center

“The Democrats and Joe Biden needed GBI to get the votes they needed to win, and they paid them a lot of money to do it,” Thayer continued.

The Capital Research Center is a center-right organization that conducts and provides objective research into foundation and political spending.

The funders of this effort are the familiar usual suspects: leftist billionaire Warren Buffet, far-left radical nation-killer George Soros, left-wing Pierre Omidyar who founded and funded The Intercept, among a wide variety of left-wing interests. These groups were further incentivized to give by the way in which the funds were raised and spent by non-profit charities even though they were committed to electing far-left Democrats.

Parker Thayer’s advice to fix this situation is to better regulate how non-profits spend money on campaigns, “This is a loophole that Democrats have been abusing for decades. These kind of groups are doing things that shouldn’t be doing with money that is being written off in taxes by left-wing billionaires and their buddies. It’s going to continue this way until it either becomes illegal or stops working.”

John Podesta

The planning for this operation began years before and was spearheaded by Clinton fixture, and noted art and pizza aficionado, John Podesta.

Read the full report by Parker Thayer here.

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