President Trump Reveals In Tucker Carlson Interview Whether He Believes Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself (VIDEO)

Credit: @TukcerCarlson

As Jim Hoft reported earlier , Tucker Carlson released a long-awaited interview with President Trump at 8:55 PM. Wednesday night

The interview coincided with the first GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and completely overshadowed the candidates who are almost certainly fighting for second in the primary.

Trump opted out of the debate, knowing FOX News hosts and the rest of the GOP challengers were waiting to hit him with a barrage of attacks.

Throughout his interview, Tucker asked Trump a number of excellent questions that the corporate media would dare not touch. These included:

Whatever happened and Mike Pence? He’s out there attacking you. What is that?

Do you think we’re moving towards civil war?

It started with protests against you and then it moved to impeachment twice and now indictment. Are you worried that they’re gonna try and kill you? Why wouldn’t they try and kill you, honestly?

You’re saying they stole it from you last time. Why wouldn’t they do the same this time?

Do you think Epstein killed himself, sincerely?


This last question seems to be the one that is stirring up the most debate online and for good reason. Tucker makes clear before the question he believes Epstein was murdered and that former Attorney General Bill Barr lied about Epstein’s death.

Trump’s response to the question may surprise some people as well.


Trump at first says he does not know and asks Tucker to repeat the question in full which Tucker does. The 45th President goes on to bash Barr for doing nothing about the 2020 election fraud for a minute before Tucker interrupts and asks if it is possible Epstein was killed.

Trump then finally reveals his answer:

Oh, sure, possible. But I think he probably committed suicide. He had a life with beautiful homes, beautiful everything. All of a sudden he in incarcerated and not doing very well.

I would say he probably did (commit suicide) but a lot of people think he was killed including you.


Tucker: He was killed.

Despite their disagreement, Tucker and Trump do agree in the end that Barr handled the investigation as poorly as possible.


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