Predictable: Left-Wing Media Use Selective Editing to Smear Michigan MAGA State Rep, but We Have the Receipts!

Yesterday the left-wing media attempted to use selective, out-of-context, audio to claim that pro-MAGA Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock called for violence and sought civil war at a fundraiser for the 16 Michigan Trump Electors from 2020 indicted by far-left Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel. 

Yet what Michigan State Rep. Maddock said was EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. 

Here, exclusively at the Gateway Pundit, we have the actual audio AND VIDEO of what was said by Rep. Maddock:

These left-wing smear jobs consistently never provide the original material to their readers, because the full context would never be damning.

Notably, the reporting also all fails to take note of Rep. Maddock’s fashionably seditionist red lobster shorts.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel

The original audio, collected by a spy for far-left Attorney General Dana Nessel, was first reported in the Messenger, an outlet started two months ago by legacy left-wing media millionaires:

When Michigan State Rep. Matt Maddock took the stage at an Oakland County fundraising pool party in early August – a recording of which was obtained exclusively by The Messenger – he had a clear message he wanted to convey: If the government keeps coming after conservatives, someone is going to get shot or a civil war is going to begin.

Here’s how Amy Wang and Patrick Marley falsely quoted the audio in the Washington Post:

Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock (R) warned supporters at a recent fundraiser at his home that a “civil war” would break out or that people would get shot if the government continued to target conservatives, according to audio of the event obtained by the Messenger, which first reported the remarks. 

FakeMedia has run this kind of smearing hit job on the Maddocks before. In 2021, far-left Soros-funded journalist Clara Hendrickson with the Detroit Free Press reported that the Maddocks were merely in the same Facebook group as one that talked about Civil War as a result from the fraudulent 2020 election. In reality, the group in question, where the Maddocks had never participated or posted in, said they were ‘praying that there wouldn’t be a civil war.’

The left-wing media liars spun that as though they were saying the exact opposite: that they were hoping for a civil war.

The left-wing media complex will tell any lie to undercut and undermine conservative MAGA leaders.

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