Pelosi – Who Led Two Slap-Dash Impeachment Scams Against Trump – Says It Would Be a “Waste of Time” For Congress to Open Impeachment Inquiry Against Joe Biden (VIDEO)

This is rich.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it would be a waste of time for Congress to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

Joe Biden’s crimes are stacking up.

According to credible IRS whistleblowers, bank statements, emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, credible informants and other witnesses, Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in highly lucrative bribery schemes with Ukrainians, Russians, Romanians, China and other countries.

The House of Representatives should have impeached Joe Biden long ago.

Speaker McCarthy keeps kicking the impeachment can down the road.

Pelosi, who rushed through two unconstitutional slap-dash impeachments against Trump, is now saying it would be a waste of time for Congress to impeach Joe Biden.

“[The Republican Party] has nothing to offer the American people in terms of jobs – they talk about it but then they change the subject when it’s time to deliver,” Pelosi said on MSNBC.

Pelosi went on to say she hopes the Democrats take back Congress in 2024 so they don’t ‘waste time’ on an impeachment inquiry.


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