Orphan, Abuse Victim, Young Patriot and J6 Defendant Isaac Thomas Is Threatened with Jail Time for Fleeing Left-Wing Attacks – Here’s How You Can Help

Condemned USA pens affidavit to court to keep 20-year Foster Care child abuse victim Isaac Thomas out of jail!

The DOJ moves to incarcerate Isaac for moving states after harassment by left-wing activists forces Isaac from his home.

Isaac Thomas via Condemned USA
Isaac Thomas was the voice for the voiceless on January 6

Government Abuses & Competing Voices

On Thursday night, 20-year-old defendant Isaac Thomas boarded a plane yet again, to head to Washington D.C. to fight to keep himself free.

Isaac recently combatted a string of hardships due to left-wing radicals sending death threats that resulted in his termination of employment and eventual eviction from his home in Michigan.

The DOJ, never one to miss an opportunity to misconstrue a fact, filed a motion to have Isaac’s bond REVOKED as punishment for moving to states where local community members had set up a support system for Isaac.

The left-wing harassment against him back home made it impossible for Isaac to meet the requirements of his bail, yet the DOJ seems hell-bent on forcing Isaac into a position where he cannot help himself, so they can turn and insult the Judge’s intelligence by asserting that Isaac is intentionally violating the terms of his bond.

Who is Isaac Thomas?

Isaac was not gifted a level playing field from birth, like most of us. Born into a family with parental drug addiction and neglect, Isaac was thrust into the foster care system around the age of 6 years old.

It was there, his nightmare had just begun.

A Legacy of Abuse

Isaac, now 20, has described various instances of physical, mental, and even sexual abuse suffered at the hands of bad actors hiding within a broken system.

These claims are well-backed. Isaac served as a witness against Michigan foster care workers in a lawsuit that resulted in a GUILTY verdict because of his testimony.

As Mr. Evans outlines in his affidavit:

“Mr. Thomas has also recently served as a witness in a child abuse case of which Mr. Thomas was a victim and a witness for other victims, spanning his time in foster care and only now being resolved. Parties in that case have been found guilty and are awaiting sentencing thanks to the bravery of Mr. Thomas to bring offenders to justice.  Additionally, he is scheduled to testify again and was working on that matter as well.”

After enduring a lifetime of neglect and abuse, Isaac stood before a court of law in Michigan and was ruled competent enough by a judge to be emancipated from a system that had not only failed him but tortured him.

He was ruled to be not only competent enough to be freed of the system, but more capable of caring for himself than an entire government institution that is meant to protect him.

Life after Emancipation

By 18, Isaac had a stable life. A girlfriend. A good job. Means and resources. He turned his eye to activism and began to speak up and speak out against the systems in our nation that had spent so many years torturing him. He was ready to stop them from hurting anyone else ever again.

That vision would be interrupted by the events of January 6th, 2021.

The Fateful Day

As a natural skeptic of big government, Isaac found himself in natural alignment with the moderate right- his beliefs are simple: big government is a bad idea.

He ventured to the US Capitol on January 6th with thousands of other Americans, to peacefully protest an election.

Isaac was only 18 years old when the trouble broke out.

Following the events of January 6th as politicians scrambled to capitalize on or cover up the event, mainstream media worked to spin the narratives, and a seemingly all-powerful DOJ descended upon the public to enact a kind of heavy-handed smackdown the Federal Government had no interest in while the nation was burning in all of 2020, new forces began to emerge. Alliances between bad-faith actors and left-wing extremist ‘investigators’ such as #SeditionHunters began to harass and torment the public over any conspiracy theory they could dream up to hurt protestors who ventured to their nation’s capital that day.

Isaac quickly found himself in the crosshairs of Antifa Terrorists hell-bent on causing him pain.

He was bombarded with death threats at work- a storm at which, his employer first tried to weather with him, but the pressure soon became too much to bear, and Isaac was fired from his job through no fault of his own.

Following his financial struggles, Isaac fell behind on bills, car insurance payments, rent – his former life was reduced to abject poverty, and he took local small gigs and odd jobs to make ends meet.

He was later hit by a drunk driver, and his car was totaled, stranding him once more financially.

Isaac’s Car after the crash.

The final blow came when on 7/5/23 Isaac’s eviction notice was signed by the courts. He had to get out, and fast- to somewhere that he could stay in compliance with his bond requirements and try to get his life back together.

Fortunately, as he was already working with CondemnedUSA.com and American Patriot Relief, a new home, and available transportation were secured for him… but he had a new problem. Moving states would severely complicate his relationship with the courts.

Rushed and out of time, Isaac had no choice but to pack his things and head for the new home. He would have been homeless back home and wouldn’t have been able to comply with any requirements of the courts, due to lack of resources- NOT lack of cooperation.

GiveSendGo – Isaac Thomas January 6th Legal Defense Fund: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

Where we are Now.

But upon his move, the government has moved AGAIN to try and revoke his bond. Condemned USA has stepped in again on behalf of young Isaac to tell the court the TRUTH about what is going on.

A recent letter penned by CondemnedUSA.com founder Treniss Evans, outlines an attempt made by the DOJ prosecutors to confuse the Judge in Isaac Thomas’ case to further pursue Isaac’s incarceration.

In his letter, Evan’s outlines a few places where the DOJ has played fast and loose, again with the truth in pursuit of harm of another human being.

As one of the conditions of his bond, Isaac was requested to visit a mental health professional for an evaluation. The DOJ has tried to push this issue beyond normal limits. Treniss Evans of Condemned USA stepped in to help mediate this matter. In his affidavit he explains to the court a few of the misconceptions.

“Mr. Thomas suffers from a mild disability in the form of a speech impediment, that should not be misconstrued to burden him with exceedingly invasive mental health evaluations. The director at Texas Health Services confirmed the Mental Health Evaluation Mr. Thomas completed had four options for treatment recommendations or referrals and is conducted by a clinician for the purposes of assessing the potential need for the recommended level of care. Mr. Thomas in good faith has made every effort to acquiesce to the conditions set by this honorable court.

The fact that Mr. Thomas does not wish to seek additional unwarranted and unnecessary evaluations should not jeopardize his freedom or impact this court’s decision in respect to his bond based on malformed statements of non-compliance.”

Mr. Evans also confirmed to the court that he himself had spoken in a professional advocate capacity to the Clinical Director, and the governments pursuit of more institutionalization for Mr. Thomas is not only unfair, it’s likely to be medically unnecessary.

“Mr. Evans, the legal advocate spoke at length to the facility clinical director in a fourteen-minute call confirming the facility recommendation was that Isaac was not recommended to seek treatment.

Isaac has been ordered to stay in DC until his August 28th hearing to determine his next steps. He needs you now more than ever to afford the cost of his new living arrangement.

His constant setbacks due to left wing radicals and travel/legal expense needs are heftier all the time. Please donate to Isaac or consider becoming a sponsor of Condemned USA to enable them to continue fighting for Isaac’s ordeal to finally come to and END.

Give to Isaac Directly

GiveSendGo – Isaac Thomas January 6th Legal Defense Fund: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

Sponsor his Legal Advocacy

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