OOPS! Michigan’s Lawless AG Dana Nessel’s Office FINALLY Responds To Cover-Up of MI State Police Report About Semi-Automatic Rifles and Guns with Silencers…But We Found These BIG HOLES in Her Response

Publications across America have traditionally responded to news that has either damaged a political party or an individual tied to a scandal on a Friday. In the world of journalism, it’s referred to as “news dump day” because most people in the business of publishing news know that traffic is traditionally at its lowest point on Friday. For example, if a story like the one published on the Gateway Pundit on Tuesday, which revealed a stunning cover-up of a massive multi-state investigation by MI AG Dana Nessel and MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s office was published on Tuesday, it would make sense that Craig Mauger, their go-to-guy at the Detroit News, would publish an article to defend their indefensible silence on Friday.

The investigative piece published by the Gateway Pundit exposed the reality of how easily bombshell voter fraud investigations can be hidden from the public. It was entirely based on a Michigan State Police report that was FOIA’d by a concerned citizen after speaking with a friend who interviewed the lead investigator in the case, Michigan State Police Lieutenant Mike Anderson.

The stunning article can be found HERE.

NOW WE HAVE PROOF! TGP EXCLUSIVE: Massive 2020 Voter Fraud Uncovered in Michigan – Including Estimated “800,000 Ballot Applications Sent to Non-Qualified Voters” – Bags of Pre-Paid Gift Cards, Guns with Silencers, Burner Phones, and a Democrat-Funded Organization with Multiple Temporary Facilities in Several States


It took Democrat defender and Detroit News writer Craig Mauger a full three days to compose a response to the Gateway Pundit’s bombshell story that exposed Michigan’s top law enforcement officer and top election official as two individuals who’ve been lying to their constituents for almost three years about there being no “widespread voter fraud” in Michigan.  The Detroit News headline hilariously reads:

Michigan probe into fraudulent voter registrations referred to FBI

What Craig Mauger curiously leaves out of his headline is a critically important detail—The Michigan State Police report initiated in October 2020 was taken over by the FBI in 2021. To the average reader, the Detroit News headline would suggest that Dana Nessel’s Attorney General’s office turned the investigation over to the FBI, but that’s not exactly what happened. At no point in Craig Mauger’s article, which is based entirely on statements by AG Nessel’s Press Secretary Danny Wimmer, does he mention why the FBI took over the report. In fact, no place in his article mentions how or when the FBI stepped in and took over the investigation.

But even more disturbing than the deceitful headline is the portion near the bottom of Mauger’s article, where Wimmer outlines the details about the semi-automatic rifles and guns with silencers that were found in one of the many vacant suites in Southfield, MI, used by GBI Strategies employees in their “voter registration” ring.

Mauger writes:

Gateway Pundit and other conservative websites have highlighted that “bags of pre-paid gift cards, guns with silencers (and) burner phones” were found during the search.

But substantiating evidence of a crime wasn’t found during the search, Wimmer said.

What Mr. Wimmer fails to mention is that there was a whiteboard found in the same room as the weapons. According to the report, “One of the white boards had several notes on it. One of the categories was “Hot Topics.” Under “Hot Topics,” listed: weapons in the field, prepared for shifts.”

If Craig Mauger were even a second-rate journalist, he would’ve asked why a whiteboard located in the room with a large cache of guns with silencers mentioned “weapons in the field” that were “prepared for shifts.”

The article, which is essentially a press release from Dana Nessel’s office, continues:

“Detected in this search were pay cards, pre-pay style cell phones and voter registration forms, all determined to be normal operational devices in GBI Strategies’ line of work,” Wimmer said. “Also found during the search were several firearms, which prompted a response from federal agents of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.

“All detected firearms were determined by federal authorities to be legally owned and incidentally stored in the location by an employee irrelevant to the business purposes of GBI Strategies. None of the materials seized resulted in furthering evidence of voter fraud.”

Again, a simple reading of the MI State Police report shows Wimmer is not exactly being honest with the American public.

After the MI State Police identify the guns that were found in the room, the report continues on the next page, where they write:

While D/F/Lt. Anderson typed the search warrant remotely Tpr. Kieffer and I stood in the training room except
was often video chatting with what sounded like a male who when I was making phone calls, etc.
eventually requested to speak with me. I had my departmentally issued digital recorder active for portions of
this time and recorded three segments of conversation. These three files were added to property in this case.

I spoke with [redacted] via video chat. He identified himself as [redacted] with a medium build on [redacted]
I observed a middle-aged black male on phone/video chat screen. I asked him what [redacted] was. He stated that [redacted] is an “operations firm that helps out around campaigns. “We are an operations team and we go out in the field and we knock on doors during campaigns. We send people into the community and they knock on doors uh to engage educate and mobilize the community around different elections.”

That’s weird—AG Nessel’s press secretary told Craig Mauger of the Detroit News that ” “All detected firearms were determined by federal authorities to be legally owned and incidentally stored in the location by an employee irrelevant to the business purposes of GBI Strategies.” But that’s not what the police report says. Not only do the MI State Police question the person who was called while the raid was taking place,  the “middle-aged black male” the MI State Police investigators questioned, it appears to be significant enough to the GBI Strategies female identified in the report that she called him right away.

The Michigan State Police were not only able to determine the weapons belonged to the male on the phone but that he left his weapons behind in Michigan while he was physically in Iowa.

From the MI State Police report:

I went on to ask [redacted] if he is currently in Michigan and he stated he is not, he is in lowa.

[Redacted] asked to see a copy of the search warrant and I told her I would give her a copy when I get her hame and her role in the company. As soon as I obtained her name I provided her a copy of the initial search warrant. This occurred soon after the first conversation with [redacted] ended. I also heard [redacted] telling [redacted]that she needed to make sure she declared the personal items he left behind before leaving the state.

It should be noted it was later found that he was referring to multiple firearms and ammunition within one of their suites as noted in D/F/Lt. Anderson’s report.

The American public needs to DEMAND answers from Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel and MI SOS Jocelyn Benson about why this huge, multi-city investigation was covered up by them from voters before, during, and after the 2020 election.

Had voters known about this report, it could have changed the outcome of the election. This report and the subsequent dishonest response to the full report being made public has sent shockwaves through the nation. Michigan residents and residents across the country where this investigation allegedly is continuing with the FBI should be told the truth about why GBI Strategies, a group that’s been given millions of dollars to support Democrat campaigns, is still in business.

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